How Can Enneagram Help You Deal with Anxiety and Stress?

"If you have had a demanding days within the last two or three weeks and you are experiencing anxiety or stress problems this is the most important message you will ever read!"

"There is a technique you can implement right now! Start with The Enneagram Test and you will see high results. I can almost guarantee it!"

For those of you who have never heard of it, the Enneagram of Personality is a human psyche model which gives a clear outline of different personality types and how each of them reacts to situations of stress and security (also called disintegration and integration). The model shows a lot of detailed information regarding patterns and tendencies associated with every personality type. Given its clarity and ease of interpretation, it has become widely popular in the recent decades among many religious/spiritual groups as well as general population, since it normally gives clear guidance on how to behave and what situations to avoid in order to reduce stress, once you have found out your personality type.

In today’s article, I will be sharing my own life experience, my difficulties with stress and anxiety and how I managed to transform my life in that area through the techniques I have learned by exploring the Enneagram of Personality in depth.

My Personal Experience with Anxiety and Stress

Anxiety is one of the most widely-spread and least addressed modern mental health problems that we are facing on a global scale. Due to its general no-severe-consequences nature, many people live with anxiety all their life without even trying to address it properly; this causes all kinds of problems throughout life and can lead to serious depression if left unattended. I was one of those people who never successfully managed to address it, until I found out about the Enneagram of Personality.

Having anxiety has impacted a lot of areas of my life, but it has especially affected my ability to cope with tasks that are, to many people, mundane and every day. For example, ordering a coffee or getting into a bus seem pretty straightforward, right? For me, on certain days, these activities have been as difficult as climbing a mountain. I would start overthinking about the situation and inevitable interaction ahead of time and it had the power to paralyze me and make me act like I have never done them before in my life! Of course, this did not happen every time, there were days when everything seemed normal, and there were also days where it seemed impossible.

Luckily, I have found a technique which anybody can implement starting from day one of reading this article. Trust me, once you have had a chance to explore it for yourself, you will experience amazing results in just a few days! It changed my life and saved me from dealing with anxiety and stress ever since I started!

The Technique Called Enneagram – Used by Psychologists Since the 1970s

Contemporary Enneagram of Personality has for the most part been created and popularized by a Bolivian philosopher Oscar Ichazo and a Chilean psychiatrist Claudio Naranjo in the 1970s. The Enneagram figure is represented as a circle, with nine points on the outer rim, representing nine personality types explained in the model. The circle has an inner triangle (connecting points 3-6-9, representing “the law of three”) and an irregular hexagonal periodic figure (connecting points 1-4-2-8-5-7-1, representing “the law of seven”). All personality types have the same category types which makes it incredibly easy for a regular person to interpret and navigates their personality traits. Categories include characteristic role, ego fixation, holy idea, basic fear, basic desire, temptation, vice/passion, virtue, security and stress. Each of the nine Enneagram personality types under stress corresponds to a personality disorder as described by American Psychiatric Association in the DSM-5 (The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders).

Many psychiatrists and psychologists have utilized the Enneagram in their own working theories of personality and in the practice of psychotherapy. Furthermore, therapists have used it in traditional psychotherapy settings such as to help patients understand their core motivations or as a model for discussing object relations. The system has also been utilized by mental health professionals, religious communities, large business corporations and leadership coaches in an effort to improve understanding of the self and others.

The Steps I Have Taken and How My Healing Process Looked Like

I will walk you through my personal experience with the Enneagram of Personality including all the steps I have taken on my path to self-improvement in order to get rid of my stress and anxiety.

  1. First, I took the Enneagram Personality Test: this is a questionnaire type of test where you are asked about your various traits and behaviors and it consists of approximately 100 questions. The test took about 30 minutes to complete.
  2. After about an hour the team of psychoanalysts sent me my personality type with a custom made, detailed report which spread on 26 pages. The report itself was an amazing guide and overview of my personality, very clear for reading with lots of colorful graphics and incredibly easy to navigate through.
  3. For someone who had only recently found out about Enneagram, it was quite impressive to realize that I could understand everything right away which is the one of the reasons why I am such a big fan of this personality test.
  4. The report also allowed me to gain a much deeper understanding of myself and what I need to work on, and I still refer to it to this very day. It was absolutely worth every penny!


The main thing I discovered from this report is my predictable pattern of behavior in times of stress and insecurity. Knowing which qualities emerge during these times are extremely helpful as one learns to recognize which behaviors are associated with underlying stress or anxiety. Having knowledge of your Enneagram type translates into knowing the traits that form the basis of your personality. Furthermore, knowing what your type is means having all the proper tools to alter underlying motives of your behavior that damage your personality.



How can enneagram help you deal with anxiety and stress?

The core to coping with your stress and anxiety is understanding your personality type, and, in turn, clearly understanding how and why you deal with anxiety the way you do.

Step 1: Know your type.

Step 2: Understand how you handle mental health.

Step 3: Combine this knowledge to deal with your stress and anxiety.

Recommendation for Taking the Enneagram Personality Test

Based on all the research I have done to write this article, and especially based on my personal experience with the Enneagram of Personality, I strongly suggest to adopt the Enneagram Personality System of 9 types as a first method of choice to start dealing with anxiety and unhealthy pathology RIGHT NOW. Stop waiting for your problems to solve themselves, you have all the tools to start your self-improvement journey immediately!