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Enneagram Queen prepared three main options for your team:



✓ Basic Enneagram Test


✓ Smart Enneagram Test


✓ Ultimate Enneagram Package


Please find all the details below to find a package that suits your interests the most.


Basic Enneagram Test for Teams

($20 per participant)

Enneagram test with personality type – participants would participate in the test an get a final result about personality type. After completed test you will be prompt to purchase for the results. After the payment your personality type is revealed.

Smart Enneagram Personality Test for Teams

HURRY UP! Today Only $47 per participant. Regular price is $70!! 

(most commonly chosen offer by business owners)

Enneagram Test includes Your Type + Customized PDF Report (26 Pages) with Audio Guide – participants would participate in the test, receive a 26 page report of their results, and also an audio guide to explain their personal findings. But that’s not all. With this offer each participant receives scores for all 9 types and our Enneagram Queen Printed Guide delivered directly to your home (Hard copy 138 pages - paperback).

Please note that with this offer I personally check all the results and send a customized email with scores and tips to each participant’s email. All that will come with 24/7 Unlimited Email Support. Of course you can pay the whole amount at once. After the payment, each of your teammates will receive link to the test.

Ultimate Enneagram Personality Package

($170 per participant)

You will receive everything what you will need for studying enneagram. It is more personal approach to each customer. In this case we will guide you through the 4 week journey and help you with all needed material. 

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