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Six Indicators of a Powerful Personality

Some people see a strong personality as a negative. They think people with strong personalities are rude or bossy, that they just want to dominate everyone in their path. But that isn’t the truth about people with strong personalities. Just because you have a strong personality, that doesn’t mean you lack the soft inside that makes you empathetic and compassionate. Knowing that you have a strong personality will help you better navigate your professional and personal relationships.


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1. No Tolerance for Excuses


Those people with strong personalities don’t tend to put up as much with excuses as other personalities would. Strong personalities aren’t willing to waste their time listening to people give excuses. You likely focus more on the things that you can do to overcome a specific situation. You want to focus on the things that you can control and change.


2. Carefully About Who You Get Close to


Strong personalities tend to be very careful about who they let into their lives. You don’t need people to tell you who you are or what you are capable of. You know that there are some people who need this, but this isn’t something that you care to have. People who want to put this on you are likely people you don’t want to have around.


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3. Bored by Small Talk


Do you find that you hate small talk? Strong personalities absolutely hate small talk. They have big ideas and want to talk about those big ideas. They want to change the world. If you find small talk terrible, it’s likely because of your strong personality.


4. Idiocy and Ignorance are Really Annoying to You


People often confuse dominating personalities and strong personalities. A strong personality is one where it’s based on the person being thoughtful and highly informed on topics. Dominating personalities tend to come from lacking knowledge. Strong personalities do not like it when people make snap judgements from a place of ignorance or idiocy.


5. Find Attention Unnecessary


When you have a strong personality, you don’t tend to need attention from others to feel validated. This makes people feel more attracted to you, but you still socialize on your terms. You socialize because you want to, not because you have some need to.


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6. Insecurity is an Opportunity, Not a Setback


You don’t let your insecurity hold you back. Instead, you look it as an opportunity to be better. You understand that you’re not perfect and use this as motivation to improve yourself. Everyone has some level of insecurity; you just use it to motivate you rather than as an excuse.




It’s true that there are people who find those with strong personalities as people that are difficult to be around. They don’t like the fact that you challenge them to be the best version of yourself. But this doesn’t mean that you have to stop being you.


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