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Uncover Enneagram Type 4: Embrace Your Unique Personality

TYPE 4 - The Individualist (The Artist), they are honest people with a creative bent. On the flip side, they can get emotionally unstable, moody and very conscious about themselves. They are aware about themselves, happy to be alone and mostly keep to themselves due to their sensitive nature. According to the official definition they are “The Sensitive, Introspective Type: Expressive, Dramatic, Self-Absorbed and Temperamental.”

Fours keep themselves from opening up to others because of their hidden vulnerabilities and the fact that they think that they are somehow defective. This causes disdain and resentment to build up within themselves. But they deal with melancholy and have issues with self-pity. When they are healthy, they are creative people with high levels of inspiration. The motivation within them self-renews and helps them experience a rewarding life.


They are afraid that their lives mean nothing and that no one on the planet knows that they even exist. However this speaks of an existential identity crisis. This drives the innate desire in them to discover who they really are, and why they are significant. Leading to the creation of an identity for themselves. Fours look to express their personality through their creativity. Being concerned about their image and the perception of others about them, they withdraw themselves remaining aloof from others. In their minds, they have a picture of a rescuer who will swoop down. And get them out of the mood that they are in.

Why Is Type 4 known as an Individualist?

It is because they view themselves as a different composition that is unique and no where to compare to other human beings. They feel that no one like them exists on the planet. And as a result, that no other person can understand them properly or give them the love that they deserve. But they view themselves as having a talent that is rare and one of a kind. With special abilities and gifting. But the caveat is that they also view themselves as being disadvantaged with barriers that are only unique to them. They focus on their defects and deficiencies with a microscopic view.

Fours in the pink of health are people of honesty.

They can be honest about their feelings and don’t transfer the blame for their mood swings onto others. They are open to critically examining themselves and they are not caught up with what they might discover under the surface. It might not be a painless experience for them, but they are okay with it and own up to everything that comes up. Fours are people in search of the truth - the truth about the things that they have been through emotionally and otherwise. They do this in-order to fully comprehend the things that they have been through. This practice helps fours to develop an inner resilience that enables them to go through suffering quietly and with a posture of strength, helping others out in the process.


Luckily I am Type 4!

Let Me Explain How My Relationship Became Way Better Thanks to Enneagram Type 4.


Stress is my middle name. I’m always tired, stressed, and fed up with my daily routine. A day doesn’t go by without feeling drained and trying to squeeze in some quality time with my husband feels impossible. Nowadays, I have little patience and there is always something to worry about; trying to find time to ourselves isn’t easy, even when we have a day off together. It’s what we call normality and we got used to it too.

THEN, I found Enneagram Queen


My friend is into a lot of unusual things, and when she told me about Enneagram Queen, I wasn’t convinced. I thought it was another silly personality quiz that would be a waste of time and energy, but I tried the personality test and was quite surprised. Enneagram Queen is entirely different from other personality tests I’d used, and it taught me more than I could imagine.

I found out things I didn’t know about myself and my partner. It was interesting because it made me think about the type of person I was. With knowing more about myself and my partner personality characteristics I understand my and my spouse’s needs and how to behave better. I have put my relationship on a higher level. And believe me, you can as well. I can almost guarantee it. To be honest, I didn’t care or know what my centers were, but with Enneagram Queen, I could understand my behaviors and how I handled events. I learned how to align my centers to become a better wife, partner, and friend to my husband.


Enneagram Queen

Enneagram Queen’s Different Personality Types


There are nine Enneagram Queen personalities. I found that I’m type four, the artist, and I really didn’t see myself as an artist. I learned what it meant to be a type four personality and I’ve got to say I immediately saw a lot of my characteristics. It opened my eyes and made me believe the test was genuine and not just another made up test I’d read in gossip magazines. Enneagram Queen has made me understand a lot about myself and my relationship with my husband.

I’m emotionally sensitive as a person and often reserved; that is the typical response from the type four personality. I do experience those feelings often and find it difficult to react in tense situations. Sometimes, my responses are a little OTT and as a type four personality, I’m moody, so I don’t always handle things in the best manner. According to Enneagram Queen, my personality is a rare one. In truth, I could see a lot of me in what I researched online. I am a moody and reserved type of person.

I won’t say when I first heard about Enneagram Queen’s Personality Test, I was overly thrilled, but once I took the test, I started to believe. It was accurate and opened my eyes to how it could help me. I wanted to become a better partner to my husband as our relationship is important to me. I wanted to try anything that’d help us be closer. Enneagram Queen has helped me – and my husband – so much. The other personalities are the Reformer, Helper, Enthusiast, Investigator, Individualist, Achiever, Challenger, Peacemaker, and Loyalist. It’s all based on genetics too. I didn’t initially understand what it meant to be a type four personality, but Enneagram Queen has educated me.



I can’t deny it, I’ve become a different person because of Enneagram Queen. I understand who I am and what I want from life. I feel more confident to face minor and major conflicts, along with situations I find stressful. I feel able to balance my home and work commitments and my husband and I have a healthy relationship again. We have both used the test and have connected better for it. There are lots of fantastic step-by-step guides, videos, and more. I have learned how to tap into my deepest feelings, and as a result, I can understand who I am and how I become the person I am.

My childhood has shaped my development in life and that has followed me through to my current relationship. It’s gave me strength, but also some weaknesses, and it’s continued to influence me long into adulthood. None of this would have been possible without Enneagram and I couldn’t recommend it enough. I wasn’t a believer at first, but since I’ve used the personality test, I have found it enlightening in so many ways. If you aren’t sure or don’t know what personality type you are, don’t worry. Enneagram Queen gives you unlimited access to their Enneagram test which you can try as many times as you want.

Guidance and Advice


My husband and I have loved Enneagram Queen Personality Test. Individually and as a couple, we’ve learned to become better people. I’ve been able to make positive changes and know what’s important to me too. I can calmly face any situation and my husband was surprised too with what he learned. Enneagram Queen gave me some of the best advice and guidance and it has helped me become a better person. I’ve been able to rebalance my life and prioritize my relationship above the less relevant elements in life.

Enneagram Queen gives you a completely different outlook on how you handle conflicts. There are different techniques to help you through each situation you face. While I was skeptical about them at first, I was able to use them to my advantage. I’m glad I tried the personality test as it’s helped me and my partner so much.


A New ME


Enneagram Queen has changed my life. I’ve become a better wife, friend, woman, and person. I not only feel stronger as an individual but am more confident in all my relationships. I feel ready to have a deeper relationship with my husband because I understand me and how other people’s feelings are just as important as my own. With rational thinking, I can address issues and situations I used to find stressful and difficult to handle. I’m also ready to let people in and see the real me – the good and bad. I’m even share problems with my husband and that has helped us become a stronger unit. We’re talking through problems all because of Enneagram Queen.


Lady doing Yoga


I even asked my husband to try the test too so we could compare our personalities. It was quite a surprise as he was a different personality to me – he is an enthusiast – but we still have a connection, nonetheless. It’s fantastic and funny to see how different we are, but at the same time, how close we are as a couple. The Enneagram Queen Personality Test has made us closer. We’ve built a stronger, more positive relationship and we function as a unit rather than individuals plodding along together.

Enneagram Queen Personality Test is fantastic. It not only shows you the type of personality you have but allows you to delve deep into your psyche. I found out so much with Enneagram Queen and it has changed my life on so many levels. Even if you’re still single, knowing yourself on a deeper level will help you better understand what type of person fits your personality well and what personality you should date.


Enneagram Queen is great and can do so much for you too. It has changed my life for the better.

Check this page it will help you a LOT, you will see high results. I can almost guarantee it!