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Type 4 - The Individualist

Type 4 - The Individualist, they are honest people with a creative bent. On the flip side, they can get emotionally unstable, moody and very conscious about themselves. They are aware about themselves, happy to be alone and mostly keep to themselves due to their sensitive nature. According to the official definition they are “The Sensitive, Introspective Type: Expressive, Dramatic, Self-Absorbed and Temperamental.”

What is the reason for Type 4 being referred to as an Individualist?

Fours keep themselves from opening up to others because of their hidden vulnerabilities and the fact that they think that they are somehow defective. This causes disdain and resentment to build up within themselves. But they deal with melancholy and have issues with self-pity. When they are healthy, they are creative people with high levels of inspiration. The motivation within them self-renews and helps them experience a rewarding life.

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They are afraid that their lives mean nothing and that no one on the planet knows that they even exist. However this speaks of an existential identity crisis. This drives the innate desire in them to discover who they really are, and why they are significant. Leading to the creation of an identity for themselves. Fours look to express their personality through their creativity. Being concerned about their image and the perception of others about them, they withdraw themselves remaining aloof from others. In their minds, they have a picture of a rescuer who will swoop down. And get them out of the mood that they are in.

Enneagram Personality of Type 4 - The Individualist

Why Is Type 4 known as an Individualist?

It is because they view themselves as a different composition that is unique and no where to compare to other human beings. They feel that no one like them exists on the planet. And as a result, that no other person can understand them properly or give them the love that they deserve. But they view themselves as having a talent that is rare and one of a kind. With special abilities and gifting. But the caveat is that they also view themselves as being disadvantaged with barriers that are only unique to them. They focus on their defects and deficiencies with a microscopic view.

Fours in the pink of health are people of honesty.

They can be honest about their feelings and don’t transfer the blame for their mood swings onto others. They are open to critically examining themselves and they are not caught up with what they might discover under the surface. It might not be a painless experience for them, but they are okay with it and own up to everything that comes up. Fours are people in search of the truth - the truth about the things that they have been through emotionally and otherwise. They do this in-order to fully comprehend the things that they have been through. This practice helps fours to develop an inner resilience that enables them to go through suffering quietly and with a posture of strength, helping others out in the process.

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