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Type 3 - The Achiever

The official definition of a three is “the success-oriented, pragmatic type: Adaptable, Excelling, Driven, and Image-Conscious.


Type three - the achiever they are secure, self-trusting, charming, and attractive people. They believe in themselves. They are full of energy, competency and fuelled by ambition. Their lives revolve around the status quo. And they are very concerned about their image and what people’s opinions are about them. But they always look to advance and get bored remaining stagnant in a single position. Their behaviour is always diplomatic and they have an air of grace and poise about them. They face challenges with their tendency to be workaholic. And because of their extremely competitive natures. When they are in a healthy condition - they can be real, accept themselves and their personality for who they really are. And be real role models who can motivate people looking at them.

Type 3 The Achiever

However they are afraid of becoming worthless. They want to be noticeable. And they want to be the object of people’s admiration and to make a lasting impression on other people.

Why is type three known as the Achiever?

It is because when they are in a good emotional state, they can achieve great things and change the world for the better. They are gracious people. However they are achievers in every sense of the word. And have accomplished great things in their personal lives. And they always are looking to better develop themselves and to bring out their abilities to the world. They are motivational in nature, inspiring others to do things that they thought were impossible. They push people to be better versions of themselves. People like them and they have popularity amongst their friends and peers. They act as living, breathing versions of people’s hopes and dreams and that inspires everyone who looks at them.

type 3 Running Up

Threes are very successful.


Because they invest a lot of time and energy into developing their talents and increasing their competencies. They see the big picture and decide that their efforts are not in vain. Threes ensure that they lead successful lives that are prominently visible. For most people, success is defined by the amount of money in the bank. And the home that they live in, the car that they drive and so on. For another group of people, success might have a different form. Threes, depending on the definition of success that their peers have set. Will always aspire to reach and exceed that definition, absolutely refusing to fail at any point.

And it is why threes always look for ways and means by which they can gain the praise of the observers and get good publicity. They recognise valuable activities and skills by the community. And put their whole hearted effort into developing those in order to impress people.

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