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Type 1 The Reformer (Perfectionist)

This type of person is “principled, purposeful, self-controlled and perfectionistic

The type 1 personality in an Enneagram test is the reformer/perfectionist. Ones rely mostly on their consciences and ethics, basing their decisions on what they feel is right or wrong. They are always advocating for change. They are crusaders and teachers - always putting their efforts and striving to make things better, but they are scared of making mistakes. Their lives are fastidious and well organised. They love order and always try to maintain high standards. On the flip side, they have the tendency to get into a critical and a perfectionistic mindset.

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Diving deeper into the personality of the Type 1, we find that:

  • They are basically afraid of becoming corrupt, defective and evil.
  • They are basically motivated by the need to do right and they put all of their effort into that.
  • Also want to improve all facets of their lives and work towards the same.
  • They want to live up to whatever they preach and obtain self-justification from maintaining the same ideals that they preach.

At the base of their desires, they want to be good and do good to the people around them. They are honest, balanced and people of integrity.

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Desire: they want to be good.

Why are Type 1 called reformers?


It is because they are people “driven by the mission” that leads them to desire to improve the conditions prevalent in the world today, using the measure of influence that they possess. They are undeterred by adversity - and more particularly moral adversity. They go after greater values, even though they have to pay a huge personal cost to do so.

Let us look at some visible characteristics of a Type 1 Personality


They are very rational people both in word and in action - and they tend to go ahead on issues on the basis of the objective truth as well as on the basis of logic. They tend to be very reasonable people due to this, and this makes them attractive.


Type ones are purpose-driven. They take a lot of time during their day to examine their actions and the impact that those actions might have on other people - and it is for this reason that they act with purpose firmly in their minds. They work on the model of self-justification, and it is for this reason that they have high standards.


Types ones are very principled and always stick to the straight and the narrow when given a choice. They desire to be ethical, fair and objective in their judgements. They are responsible people who operate in integrity.

For a type one personality, some of the preferred jobs for them are: professors, judges, activists, social workers, environmental advocates. On the flip side, the jobs that wouldn’t work out for them are accountants, retail store representatives and personal assistants.

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