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Type 7 - The Enthusiast

Type 7 - The Enthusiast - they are extroverts. They are able to adapt themselves to situations and are versatile, easy going and are very optimistic. However they are very playful and are bursting with talents. They have a practical approach to life. However, on the flip side, they are prone to misuse their natural talents, over committing and not delivering on their commitments. Discipline is not a part of their talents, and due to that, they don’t see a lot of sustained success. They get bored very easily, and are always on the look out for new experiences. But these experiences drain them very easily, and they don’t have energy to press forward. However they are impatient and mostly make impulsive decisions. The official definition of a seven is “The Busy, Variety-Seeking Type: Spontaneous, Versatile, Acquisitive and Scattered.”

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The Busy, Variety-Seeking Type: Spontaneous, Versatile, Acquisitive and Scattered.

Type 7 - The Enthusiast - in their good days are focused people who direct their talent. And skills onto achievable and memorable goals, through which they learn to appreciate people. They are filled with joy and are generally satisfied.

Sevens are scared of losing everything, being deprived of life’s essentials and to be in pain. But they want to be happy with all of their wants being fulfilled. Their motivation is the desire to keep their freedom and to be happy. They don’t like to be left out and as such, they don’t want to miss out on worthwhile experiences. But they always push themselves to be excited and happy. Keeping themselves occupied is a priority as it works as an avoidance mechanism for pain.

Sevens are called “Type 7 - The Enthusiast” because they are enthusiastic about everything that comes their way and catches their attention.

They look at life through an optimistic lens, hoping to be like a kid in a candy store, who watches the world go by with rapt attention and wonder written in the eye.

Sevens tend to be very practical and busy at the same time. Engaging their time in a multitude of projects at a single point of time. However they think of things ahead of time, using their creative ability to ideate on the spot. Focusing more on activities that are mind stimulating which go on to become idea generators. This does not mean that sevens have off-the-chart IQ and knowledge. They are normal people, who have intelligent tendencies. Their minds prefer not to dwell on a single topic, but rather on the entire breadth of the initial waypoints of the creative process, which is much more stimulating and demands spontaneity.

They have minds that perform fast, and this shows in their agility and quick learning skills. A seven has much more manual coordination and tend to be good pianists, typists, sports players and so forth. But their innate curiosity and extra-ordinary mental abilities cause a lot of problems for seven, in the matter of balance, as they do not know how to balance the information that they have received as a result of the said curiosity.

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