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Type 2 The Helper

Type twos are described as being “the caring, interpersonal type: Generous, Demonstrative, People-Pleasing and Possessive”. Type 2 The Helper - They are very friendly people by nature. But they have no problem with being generous, going out of their way to help others and not minding the personal sacrifices which come with submitting to the will of other people. On the flip side, twos can start to get into people-pleasing territory very easy. Because they use sentiments, generous amounts of flattery and possessiveness to get the attention of people.

the helper

It is next to impossible to get type twos to acknowledge their needs to others. It is not because they have some devious plan - they are well meaning people, with desires to get close and be friendly with people - but they can easily fall in the trap of doing certain things for people in order to get appreciation and love. On their good days, type twos are altruistic people, always having the best interests of others at heart with an unconditional love for other people.

They are afraid of ending up unwanted, discarded and unused.

The thought of being unworthy to receive love scares them. However they desire love, are motivated by the thought of getting to bare their feelings and heart to other people in return for people’s response to them, applause and appreciation. But they make some claims about themselves in their hearts and look for vindication.

The basic reason that type 2 are called the Helper is because this personality type is genuinely looking to help other people.


enneagram type 2

When they are at their lowest, they look to see themselves as being helpful people. They derive meaning out of their lives from going out of their way (at great personal cost) to be helpful to other people. But the motivation in their hearts are fuelled by their good deeds. They are not driven by material things, but are driven by the intangible things like family, friendship, sharing and love.

In their healthy moments, twos are helpful, generous, warm and considerate. They attract people around them very easily. However they appreciate others and give them their full attention, making people around them feel better about themselves. A healthy two embodies the good qualities that every human being needs to have.

enneagram type 2 - the Helper
Type 2 - The Helper

On the flip side, twos can be emotionally limited by their pride, and by the manipulative tendencies that can develop over time, using other people to get their own emotional needs met. Twos can’t stand the glare of the spotlight on their emotional side, and only prefer comments/reviews about themselves that are positive and glowing.

Twos can hide under the pretence of not having any expectations and depicting a picture of selflessness, when in fact, they are looking for something from others. This can make them get resentful and angry over time leading to emotional eruptions and breakdowns. Twos must learn to understand the reason behind their love and generosity towards others and ensure that it comes from the right place, the heart - with no strings attached.

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