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Merging Enneagram Types with Spiritual Beliefs for Growth

Enneagram 9 points personality system consists of three centers, Intuitive, Feeling and Thinking. Usually, these three centers are called as triads. It is a tool for self-growth and can be used to improve yourself and to become a better person.

 Enneagram types


The Importance of Recognising Your Enneagram Triggers


Each Enneagram type has its own characteristics which are unique for enneagram type. In this post we will explore how the Enneagram can be successfully used as a tool.


Type One: The Perfectionist

Type One – the Reformer is driven by a desire to do what is right and good. Ones can be very hard on themselves and others but on the other hand Ones have strong desire to make a better world. Once can benefit from spiritual practices such as yoga and meditation.


Type Two: The Helper

Type Two – the Helpers are influenced by desire to help others. On the other hand, they can be very destructive to themselves and can be self-sacrificing to their personality. Twos can greatly benefit from spiritual practices such Yoga and meditation.


Type Three: The Achiever

Type Three – the Achievers are driven by a desire to be successfully and to achieve big results. They are focused on external validation and appreciation from others. For these types it is also very beneficial to practice yoga and meditation which can help them find their inner peace.  


Type Four: The Individualist

Type Four – the Artists are known for their authenticity and uniqueness and are willing to express their fillings on a different way which can be often misunderstood from others. Yoga and meditation are a beneficial tool for achieving mindfulness and to empty their head of unwanted thoughts.


Type Five: The Investigator

Type Five – the Thinkers are known for very intellectual persons. They need to work on developing better sense of empathy and connection to others. They can benefit with practicing yoga and meditation.


Type Six: The Loyalist

Type Six – the Loyalists are known for security and safety desire, on the other hand they can be very anxious and fearful. As almost every type around the Enneagram they can greatly benefit from practicing yoga or meditation.


Type Seven: The Enthusiast

Type Seven – the Enthusiasts are known by big desire to experience new adventures. They are very optimistic and positive persons. They can benefit from meditation and other spiritual practices.


Type Eight: The Challenger

Type Eight – the Challengers are part of personality type which is known as having a great power and control on everything. Consequently, they are very confrontational and assertive. Spiritual and emotional practices are highly appreciated for them.


Type Nine: The Peacemaker

Type Nine – the Mediators have been driven by desire for peace and harmony. They can be very conflict-making persons and passive too. They can benefit from yoga and all other spiritual techniques.


Enneagram Spiritual Beliefs

Integrating Your Enneagram Type with Your Spiritual Beliefs


Enneagram Test can be powerful tool to become a better person. In addition to other tools as meditation and yoga can be extremely beneficial for our mind and physical condition as well.


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