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The Peacemaker - Type 9

The Peacemaker - Type 9 - These are peaceful people (as the name suggests). They trust easily, accept quickly and don’t presuppose. But they are very optimistic people. They have no issues supporting anyone and everyone in the interest of overall peace. However they will even support someone who they don’t really agree with, just to ensure that every thing is going on smoothly and that no friction develops between the parties involved. The opposite side of this is that they tend to become complacent in their dealings with people - always looking to downsize the issues that people have with each other in the interest of maintaining the peace. They can be stubborn and unmoving people. On a good day, the peacemaker embraces all and works as a conflict resolver, bringing warring parties together. Brain Struggling Around

Peacemakers are scared about losing things in their lives - be it tangible or intangible.

Type 9 - The Peacemaker - They hate to be away from things and people that they love. They desire to achieve inner calm and a stability in their minds. And they are motivated by the thoughts of harmony and co-existence. And look to implement these principles in which ever environment they are in, in the interest of avoiding tension and conflict from popping up. However they are against change, and prefer the usual - things that remain as they are. Peacemakers are against disturbance and change.

Why Is Type 9 Known as the Peacemaker?

There is no other personality type that shows more inclination towards garnering both internal and external peace. Generally type nines have a strong “spiritual” bent, looking to establish a connection with the energy running through the cosmos. For them, peace of mind is just as important as world peace. Nines are more concerned with the entanglement of the spiritual and the physical, and seek to study such concepts in much more depth.

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We think that nines should mostly be out of touch with the physical world. With their intense focus on the spiritual, but contrary to these expectations. Nines are pretty grounded in the physical world, with an elemental connection to their bodies. As a compensatory measure, nines can hide in the creeks and crevices of their minds and their fantasies. This fact causes some nines to misidentify themselves as being fives or sevens as well as twos or fours).

Nines are called the “crown of the Enneagram”

Because they are the only personality group that can include qualities from all of the other personality types. Nines sport the idealistic tendencies of ones, are as generous as twos, look as attractive as threes, have the creative bent of fours, the mental acumen of fives, the responsible, mature outlook of sixes, the daring, adventurous bent of the sevens and the physical and emotional strength of the eights. But what they do lack, is a really strong portrait of their identity as a nine. A nine’s personality actually repels the nine.

Nines go through life in trying to block out all of the unpleasantness of life by ignoring it, and instead looking for peace and comfort through being out of the zone.

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