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Type 8 - The Challenger

According to the official definition a Type 8 - The Challenger is “the powerful, dominating type: Self-Confident, Decisive, Wilful and always looking to confront. The Eights are oozing with self-confidence, and they are strong and assertive people. They can be straightforward with people, taking decisions with absolute confidence and self-belief. On the flip side, such people think that their ego is bigger than everyone else in the room, and as such, they look to dominate the proceedings and the environment that they are in, using techniques such as confrontation and intimidation to subdue their peers. They have anger issues, and don’t open up easily to people. When they are on top of their game, they utilise their strength to improve the quality of people’s lives, doing a lot of heroic things that inspire and uplift the people around them.

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Type 8 - The Challenger: Self-Confident, Decisive, Wilful and always looking to confront.

Type 8 - The Challenger - They are scared of getting hurt as well as of being under the control of others. They look to safeguard themselves - putting them in the drivers seat for their life and destiny. They are motivated by the thought of self-reliance and also the idea of being able to prove their strength to other people. Eights don’t like to be perceived by the world as being weak people, but rather people who are in control of every aspect of the situation that they are in. 

Why Are Type Type 8 Known as “The Challenger”?

It is because they love the thrill that a challenge brings. Eights live to exceed limits and to break records. Because of their charismatic nature, physical and emotional prowess, they can bring in followers to go behind them into the challenges that lie before them - no matter how challenging they might be.

Eights are people with enormous banks of energy and determination, and they derive their happiness when they are drawing from these reservoirs. With the help of their energy, they can effect changes in their surrounding environment, leaving “their mark” behind. Eights are practical people who see that all of the change that they desire to effect will cost them a lot of strength, will power as well as a persistent attitude - and these are some qualities that they look for in themselves as well as in others.

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Eights hate other people having power over them, and look to break out from such association. They are always on the look out for ways to keep the power and influence that they have over others, as well as to increase their sphere of influence as much as possible. An eight is a unique personality, standing well clear of all the other personalities in the Enneagram test. They are fiercely independent and hate being indebted to others. Social conventions and practices are lost on them, and they give a rip about the consequences and impact of their actions on themselves as well as others. 

Eights are people with good physical and emotional stamina, who don’t mind going through physical pain without so much as a complaint.

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