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Top Career Choices for Enneagram Type 8

Enneagram type 8 personalities are people who are known as the Challenger. Challengers are powerful, resourceful, assertive, and decisive. You’re independent but protective and often self-confident and use strength to improve life and inspire others. Type 8 personalities, however, tend to be headstrong and domineering. As such, it’s crucial to choose the right career for your Type 8 personality. So, what careers could be best for the Enneagram Type 8 personality?

 Type 8 The Challenger


A Military Role


You need strength, decisiveness, and the ability to make tough decisions when you are in the military. Whether it’s the army, navy, air force, or reserves, there are certain skills – and personality traits – you need to succeed. It isn’t about being level-headed, it’s about having confidence to stand up and take the initiative. With your Type 8 personality, you may be destined for a life in the military.

The wonderful thing about the military is that there is a vast array of roles in which you can succeed. For instance, if your strengths lie in technology or mechanics, there are roles specifically for those fields. Or if you’re more the take-action type of person, there are active roles too. That is the beauty of life in the military, it can accommodate your skills. It’s an ideal career choice for the Type 8 personality.


The Marketing Strategist


While being a market strategist might not sound the most exciting career, it can be extremely rewarding and is an ideal choice for the Enneagram Type 8 personality. Being a strategist involves you working with a variety of teams across a company and be responsible for market research and development. You can be the person to spearhead one of the world’s largest companies’ next marketing campaigns. You can plan, set, and meet goals, optimize marketing efforts, and collaborate to create a successful campaign. It's a rewarding career and one that can be suitable for an Enneagram Type 8 personality.




Entrepreneurs are dynamic and ever-changing to the modern world. When you’re a Type 8 personality, you don’t think entrepreneurism is a career route suited to you since you don’t run a successful company. That doesn’t matter, however. Anyone with a solid idea – and a little know-how – can become a successful entrepreneur. It doesn’t have to be a typical business; it can be something new and exciting. For instance, you spot a gap in the market. There is a demand for the service, and you offer it at a competitive rate. It has the potential to succeed.

 You Are Challenger


Just focus on the big picture and you can create a vision for your idea. You don’t need to know every aspect of business; you can leave the technical or financial side to others. Being an entrepreneur allows you to venture into many areas without having to be tied to one specific industry.


An Activist


Activists come in all forms. Type 8 personalities are more likely to succeed in this industry because they are not afraid to stand up and speak their mind. Of course, you might be a little unsure of being an activist as it doesn’t sound the most financially rewarding career; however, that isn’t the case. You have the self-confidence to take a stance and make a real difference in life. You can become an activist for a worthy cause and enjoy the different challenges it brings.


Find the Right Career for your Enneagram Type 8 Personality


We don’t all find the right career path at eighteen. Sometimes, it takes until you’re thirty-eight or even fifty-eight before you find your calling. Regardless of when you start your search, it’s important to find something that fits your personality. Remember, the Enneagram Type 8 personality is strong, decisive, self-confident, and assertive. You don’t want to be stuck in a job that doesn’t allow you to flourish. The best Type 8 careers may include firefighting, directing, military, entrepreneurial, and much more.

So, find the best career for your Type 8 personality and enjoy your career.

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