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Type 6 - The Loyalist

Type 6 - The Loyalist - These people are committed and totally focused on their security. The official definition of a type 6 is that they are “the committed, security-oriented type: Engaging, Responsible, Anxious and Suspicious”. Sixes work hard, and are extremely reliable. They are responsible and trustful. They have the knack of troubleshooting issues and can bring people together, working as one unit. Sixes can be pretty indecisive sometimes and play it safe - at other times, they defy and rebel against the establishment. But they struggle with self-doubt and are suspicious of other’s success. When they are healthy, sixes are pretty stable emotionally and can rely on themselves through calm or stormy waters, going forward with bravery and bringing others along with them.

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Sixes are afraid that they will be left alone without support and mentorship. They really seek to get support from others so that they can feel secure. Sixes are motivated by security and long for reassurance in life. They worry too much about what others think about them, and struggle against worry, anxiety and insecurity. Sixes disintegrate in moments of stress.

Why is Type 6 Called a “Loyalist?”

Out of all of the personality types, sixes are the most loyal - both to their friends and to their inner convictions. They have a sea captain’s mentality - “go down with the ship”. But They stick on to all kinds of relationships for periods of time longer than others - even if those relationships happen to be toxic. However they believe in ideals and beliefs held by others - even to the point of questioning the beliefs of others. Sixes don’t necessarily go with the flow and believe in the status quo.

They also have rebellious tendencies and don’t like to be under the oppressive rule of the authorities - sometimes going to the extent of revolting and starting a revolution. But they do not care for themselves as much as they do their beliefs - in fact their entire world revolves around their beliefs and they are willing to die for it. However they will put themselves on the line for their communities and their families and will fight with tenacity.

They don’t like making decisions - it is a lot of pressure for them and they don’t like it.

The loyalty that sixes display is all because of their core need to be surrounded by supportive people - and the irrational fear that they have that people will leave them alone. The main issue that sixes face is a lack of self-belief and confidence. Sixes think that they do not have the stuff in them to be able to handle the challenges that life has for them. They do not completely depend on their minds - but this does not imply that they do not use their thinking capacity. They use it - to worry a lot. And they don’t like making decisions - it is a lot of pressure for them and they don’t like it.

Sixes look to overcome their anxieties and fears by forming community with people - and they take a lot of time to do so, because they don’t trust people.

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