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Unraveling the Top Enneagram Type: A Comprehensive Guide

The Enneagram test is designed to evaluate each individual’s response to situations and stress, and though this to classify them as one of nine different personality types. As this system intuitively takes into consideration each type’s strong and weak points, which Enneagram type is the best, is a matter of perspective.

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Add to this the fact that each type can be either healthy or unhealthy depending on their upbringing and personal situation, and you are faced with a lot of diversity. So, bearing all of this in mind – the best Enneagram type is a difficult question to answer, but let us consider what each Enneagram type is like at their best.

The best of the best Enneagram Type

Each type has its set of good characteristics that are typically displayed when that type is in balance and healthy.

  • Type 1.  A healthy one has a very strong sense of integrity that drives them through their endeavors. They are capable of great compassion, selflessness and nobility and act with the greater good in mind.
  • Type 2. The helpers, when in balance, are true empaths filled with generosity and kindness towards all.
  • Type 3. Three’s are driven and goal orientated people that can often inspire others to reach their full potential. They are authentic and honest and driven by a strong set of values.
  • Type 4. Type fours are intensely creative and emphatic and connect strongly with those around them. They use their art to add to the uniqueness and beauty of the world, making the world a more colorful place to live in.
  • Type 5. At their best, fives are open minded and progressive. Whether they are scientists or artists, they are intellectual pioneers.
  • Type 6. Type six’s are deeply loyal, courageous and supportive – a true best friend to anyone they love. When healthy, they are confident, hard working and self-reliant offering others great comfort.
  • Type 7. Healthy sevens are evident by their extreme joy. They are not materialistic, live in the moment and are grateful for what they have. With a resilience and a love for nature, their joy can be infectious.
  • Type 8. When healthy, eight’s are gentle, faithful and courageous, yet modest. They can provide guidance and safety to those in need.
  • Type 9. Healthy nines have a deep rooted sense of self respect, dignity and peace. They are strongly connected to nature and have a sense of wonder that never seems to fade.

The best way to answer the question of which Enneagram type is the best is to look at it from a certain perspective. If you need love and compassion, a healthy 2 is your best type. If you need a fearless leader, Type 1 is your man or woman. If you need some joy and beauty in your life – surround yourself with healthy fours, fives and nines. Need a shoulder to cry on – try you best friend Type 6 and if you need some problems solved, try a healthy type 5.

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Most importantly, the best Enneagram type is a healthy one.

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