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Enneagram as an Effective Personal Growth Tool

Enneagram is a personality mapping system which uses patterns and trends in people’s personalities and helps them understand how they see the world. Enneagram helps in the process of self-discovery if the person using it honestly by taking a personality test.

Enneagram is a set of nine numbers representing nine distinct sets of personalities and behaviours. A person can have a little bit of all the nine types of personalities but one personality type will be the dominant one.

 Explaining Enneagram

Enneagram as a tool


Enneagram is widely used as a personality mapping tool which helps in the process of self-realisation and self-discovery of people across the globe. It looks like a complicated design but it is pretty simple when you understand it. The design is a circle with nine equidistant points on its circumference. But each point designates a number from one to nine, and nine is conventionally on the top. Each of these nine points represents a personality type.

These points are connected by distinguished lines. These lines also play a very important role in determining the personality traits of a person.

After doing a test based on this Enneagram tool, people can find out the kind of personality they have. It is very common that everyone has a certain amount of personality traits of each nine personality types. However, there is always one dominating personality type whose trait is powerfully embedded in you. This is your basic personality type. Most often than not, we are born with our basic personality type. This is the reason why a child learns gravely from the environment it grew up in. Childhood factor plays an extremely important role in becoming what we are.

Why is Enneagram helpful?

Enneagram is essentially a combination of modern psychology and ancient art that helps in many fronts. However learning about yourself can help you in self-development. Emotional Intelligence is one of many things that you can increase if you know your personality traits. Because one’s life success is largely dependent on their emotional intelligence. But how well they know themselves determine how they are going to react on occasions and situations which do or don’t suit them. Therefore Enneagram helps in boosting self-awareness, self-regulation, and social skills among many other things.

Studying the Enneagram can be a life-changing experiment. Because knowing what our Enneagram type is can help us to improve how we see and observe situations happening in our surroundings.

 Enneagram Tools

Usage of Enneagram

Everyone should use the Enneagram as a tool for self-discovery. Because as we have already mentioned, it can improve self-awareness and motivate us to do big things in our lives. The wisdom engraved in the enneagram design and structure can be extremely helpful if you understand it as it is supposed to be understood. It provides us with a solution to get rid of our compulsive habits and make better habits to achieve success in our lives. Above all it shows us our reality and the little box or bubble we live inside. By knowing our personality types, we can work on ourselves and improve the way we usually do things every day. The bottom line is that with the help of the Enneagram, we can improve our lives.

You should take the Enneagram test and discover your personality!

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