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5 Tips to Enhance Your Enneagram Personality Test Effectiveness

Making the decision to take control of your life can be a difficult one, but one that can be incredibly rewarding. Self-discovery is the most important thing that you can do to improve yourself. This is where enneagram personality testing comes in. But what can you do to make your personality testing even more effective? This article will help you take a closer look at the different things that you can do to make testing even more effective, helping you truly transform your life.


1. Understand Why You are Taking this Test


Defining your reason for taking the enneagram personality test can be important in order to make it as effective as possible. This is because you can take the information that you learn in order to best approach the topic. For example, maybe you want to learn your personality type so that you can improve the various relationships within your life. By defining this purpose, you can know how to better approach how you build new relationships and improve your current relationships.


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2. Take the Test Again


You don’t have to settle for the first initial results that you receive. You can take the test again, getting a second opinion. If you get the same results again, this can solidify what the test initially said. It’s also important to remember that people can change at various points in their life. This means that it can be a good idea to take the test at various points in your life, allowing you to adjust your approach accordingly.


3. Don’t Just Take One Test


Various tests have different questions and categorize personality types differently, but there are some similarities in the categorizations. You can take multiple personality tests because of this, giving you a more well-rounded look at who you really are. If you notice that certain traits overlap in the various test results, you can be confident that this is confirmation of your personality traits. You can get a more reliable picture of who you are and the various areas that you need to work on.


4. Make Sure You Don’t Confuse Traits and Habits


People often confuse habits and traits, which can be a big mistake when it comes to your personality type. Habits are things that you do based on specific situations as a reaction, where as a trait is a piece of who you are. Just because you don’t like the noise of a large gathering, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re an introvert. But if you just don’t enjoy being around big gatherings, you probably are an introvert.


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5. Avoid “Cheating”


You might be tempted to cheat on a personality test, trying to pick the correct answers to get the results that you are looking for. Maybe you are trying to use this test to determine what career path but hope that the answers lead you to the career that you want so that you try “correctly” answering the questions. These tests are supposed to be informative, showing you something that you may not realize about your personality.




Personality tests can be highly effective, when you use them properly. The tips here can help you use your enneagram test more effectively.


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