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Can Your Enneagram Type Evolve Over Time?

We all know that as a twenty-something, we do not indulge in the same habits or activities we did when we were 10 years old. Similarly, as a 30 or 40-year old – we certainly don’t follow the guidelines of our 20’s.

So – since we change and grow so much over time, can our Enneagram type also change?

To answer this question, we need to understand the basics of the Enneagram personality typing system.

How Does the Enneagram System Work?

According to this system, we are all born with a dominant personality type. The system recognizes nine personality types, of which one will suit your personality best. This, however, does not mean that you cannot find some of your personality traits in any of the other nine.


Typing System


The truth is that if you investigate them closely, you will probably something of yourself in all of them. The type we are born with is a result of genetics and other pre-natal factors, and will influence how we perceive the world and learn from it. By the age of five, most children have discovered their own unique identity and how they fit into the world around them.

Therefore, although you may grow as a person, and adapt different habits and patterns, you will not change your basic personality trait through your life.

What Can Change In You Enneagram Type?

The personality types in the Enneagram system are considered fluid, and throughout your life, in a response to external stimuli such as stress, major milestones or love, you will show different aspects of your personality type.

This is why it is important to receive a complete and thorough personality type evaluation form the Enneagram Test Queen, as the basic description of the personality types do not describe the full diversity of each type. Each type has healthy, average and unhealthy traits that surface and disappear as the person grows and deals with obstacles in their lives.

Our Gut

Not Happy With Your Type?

I have to say, when I did the test here at the Enneagram Test Queen, I was surprised, happy and a little disappointed at the result, all at the same time! I think this is normal for anyone as each type has certain traits that society, especially western society, has taught us are “bad” or undesirable”.

The important thing to remember with this test is that all types are equal. All of them have traits that are considered favorable and unfavorable. One of the benefits of knowing your personality type is that you can watch out for your weak points (impatience for me…), and aim to improve them as you grow.

The beauty of this is that need to learn to accept yourself as you are, as you were created, because your unique combination of traits serve a purpose as a package. Even though you can work on your weak points to improve your professional life, or to better your relationships, these should never be considered as “bad” – simply as room for improvement!

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