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What Talents Do Enneagram Type 2 People Have?

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The Enneagram test was designed to enable people to understand themselves and other better. The important thing to remember with this test is that all types are equal. All of them have traits that are considered favorable and unfavorable. One of the benefits of knowing your personality type is that you can watch out for your weak points and to aim to improve them as you grow.

Having said that, each type definitely comes with their own set of talents. These are the things they naturally excel at. In most cases, these talents become careers or hobbies that contribute to overall happiness and fulfillment.

Let’s explore the talents of Enneagram type 2’s, The Helpers. 


Enneagram Type 2 – The Helper

Type 2’s are more commonly known as the helpers. They are caring, generous and sincere individuals with a warm-hearted nature. They have a deep inner desire to be loved and tend to be people pleasers because of this. They can also become possessive, unhealthily sacrificing their own needs for those of others.

Some of the talents commonly associated with type 2’s include:

  • They are good listeners. Because of their caring nature, Helpers are good listeners. They are sociable and approachable, and will genuinely care about what you have to say when they are in a balanced state.
  • They foster good relationships. As a result of being good listeners, and being intuitive, they are often the first ones to reach out and make friends.
  • They are good friends. Naturally, their caring and intuitive nature makes them great friends. They will support and guide you whenever and wherever they can, spoiling you along the way.
  • They are good employees. Their intuitive nature allows them to slot in with work colleagues effortlessly. They are well liked and supportive, forming an integral part of the work team. They will often be considered the glue that holds a team together, connecting with each member individually.
  • They are intuitive. They are quick to sense others moods and needs and will go out of their way to help where they can. Whether it is drafting an emergency proposal to throwing a surprise birthday party – helpers will go the extra mile. 

As a type 2, you should be aware of your own need s as well.

Two’s will often sacrifice their own needs for those of others, resulting in exhaustion and an unbalanced nature. Although this may seems strange, unbalanced twos can become self absorbed and selfish in their quest to appear helpful. As a Helper, make sure to check your motives when being helpful – if it’s all for show you may have to reconsider or re-evaluate your intentions.

The beauty of the Enneagram test is that it guides you to learn to accept yourself as you are, as you were created, because your unique combination of traits serve a purpose as a package.

Even though you can work on your weak points to improve your professional life, or to better your relationships, these should never be considered as “bad” – simply as room for improvement!

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