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Conquer Job Interviews with Enneagram: Proven Personality Test Success

I would like to point out that Enneagram Test works well for weeding out jobs that would not be a good fit for employees. As a homemaker returning to the workforce after 18 years, I was applying for everything and feeling very discouraged when I didn't get as much as one call back.

I decided to dig deeper and try to see me through the interviewer's eyes. I started with a few personality tests generally used by employers. Luckily, I discovered Enneagram personality test. The accuracy of this test opened my eyes to a new level of clarification. I saw coping patterns, strengths, and weakness that my resume lacked. I stopped applying for everything and started focusing on opportunities that fit my skill level and personality type.

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I saw red flags in my test results, distracting potential employers. My penchant for multi-tasking looked like a person who would routinely bite off more than she could chew.  For example, my results highlighted patterns that I wear a lot of different hats which could produce feelings of being overwhelmed and scattered. The reality couldn't be farther from the truth. Age has taught me to say, "no," to tasks that don't fit in my schedule or give me joy.

However, this trait looks like a detriment on its face without qualification to an employer. When one interviewer expressed his concerns, I simply stated, "I don't think there is a mother out there who doesn't juggle multiple tasks in a dynamic family.

Further, I'm more than a mother and homemaker in my community and enjoy volunteer work. Being able to fulfill my career goals is missing for me at this time in my life. I don't see the issue being what I choose to take on. The issue is how I manage my time and care for myself in the process. I received an offer for employment within 24-hours. But, I also received several other offers from other employers because I handled interviews with a better awareness of their office culture and needs.

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Understanding myself as a total package from an employer's perspective was a tremendous help. Use Enneagram Test results as a tool to negotiate what you want from your next employer. Remember, employer/employee relations are a two-way street. You're an asset that shouldn't be squandered in a mismatched work environment. 


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