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How Reliable Is The Enneagram?

enneagram test enneagram type enneagram wings what is my type Apr 29, 2021


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Psychology and emotional intelligence are emerging fields that everyone seems to be paying more attention to. I think it's not quite as abstract or obtuse as it used to be. Some may perceive personality tests as being too generic or confining and I think people have different responses to it, depending on their personality type maybe? I find for the most part, people respond positively to it even if they don’t completely agree with the metrics involved. It is always a fun and engaging activity in a group setting to compare and contrast personality types and discover which one is yours. I find it is a metric that companies are using often to see if you will be a good fit for their team. I think most workplaces are realizing the value of determining a personality type to structure their teams better and harness the capability and productivity of employees more efficiently.

Can I trust a  and how reliable is The Enneagram?


Can the enneagram be scientifically validated?

I’m not aware that it has been but I don’t think that takes away from its accuracy or how comprehensive it is. I know for myself the enneagram personality test has proved quite accurate and I find your response to it might depend on how introspective and self aware you allow yourself to be. I know that most of my behavioural patterns as described in the enneagram have been validated by other people in my life who know me quite well. I have observed that is quite accurate for other people in my life who have distinct personality types that are quite different from mine. That being said I think there will always be outliers and I think people are constantly evolving and changing.


Life has a way of moulding people through the ups and downs that it brings.

I think tragedy and trauma can have a profound impact on someone as well as significant relationships and positive events. I don’t know if it's possible to completely categorize someone’s behaviour and I think you will always have overlap and a combination of various character traits. I believe the world is a nuanced place with life not being very black or white. I think this is especially true of people which is why I don’t think science in its conventional or traditional sense can holistically account for people. I think there is more to life than meets the eye or that which is surficial. People are complex beings with layers of thought and emotions defined and shaped by their experiences.

Any effort to understand and catalogue all of this will seem to always have vulnerabilities but that shouldn’t deter us from trying. The enneagram personality test so far has proven to be quite precise and accurate in its findings and I for one am grateful that efforts are being made to understand a side to humanity that is quite complex and seemingly abstract. It has helped me evaluate myself and the people in my life which has proven to be quite positive and useful.


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