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Scientific Validation of the Enneagram System

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If you’ve an interest in the field of psychology, chances are you have some familiarity with the Enneagram of Personality. But is The Enneagram scientifically validated? This test, represented by a nine-point diagram. It revolves around a test which helps a person narrow down their personality to one of nine “types”:

  • The rational, yet idealistic Reformer.
  • The caring and generous, yet possessive Helper.
  • The pragmatic and driven Achiever.
  • The withdrawn and self-absorbed Individualist.
  • The intellectual Investigator.
  • The dedicated Loyalist.
  • The fun-loving and active Enthusiast.
  • The domineering Challenger.
  • And the easygoing, receptive Peacemaker.


9 different points about Enneagram 

Like any character test, psychologists contest about the Enneagram. But with some arguing that the personality types are too broad and have too many different persons. Many who have taken the enneagram test. However, have responded well to it. Claiming that it has helped them increase their understanding of their character and expand upon their grasp of how personalities can vary. And how to related to both themselves, and people of different character types.

The origins of the enneagram (“ennea” being Greek for “nine”) are a matter of some debate

While some scholars assert that it has been used by mystics across a variety of faiths for centuries. Its application in the modern world seemed to begin in the 1910s, via the teachings of philosopher George Gurdjieff.

But whatever its origins may be. Many who are new to the concept of the enneagram tend to have one particular question:

Generally speaking, no personality test-even Enneagram - can be said to be completely “scientifically proven”.

Character types are a concept that is the subject of some debate among psychologists. True, psychology is a science in itself. But “character types” are a fluid concept that is the subject of a great deal of debate and academic discussion. Thus making character tests which center around them difficult to verify in any way.

However, that just because something is difficult to scientifically prove. That does not mean that is not true. After all, for many people, their relationship with themselves and with others, is a subjective one. While a character test like the enneagram might be difficult to prove directly. The process of taking the test, and of pinning down a character type. It can help a person to get in touch with the their own character. As well as that of their peers, and to identify strengths and flaws.

All in all, the enneagram must be approached from a perspective with its applicability to those that make use of it. Like any character test, it will not work for everyone. But can be applicable and useful to specific individuals who are trying to understand their mind and character better.

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