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Discover the Most Precise Method for Identifying Your Personality

Personality tests have gained popularity in the last couple of years as it offers insight into human behaviour and personality. From a personal perspective, knowing your personality type can help you deal with stressful situation, manage you relationships and even help you determine the career best suited for you.

What method provides the highest level of precision for identifying your Enneagram personality type?

From a professional viewpoint, employers can use personality type assessments in addition to qualifications and experience, to determine if an applicant is best suited for a position.

There are several personality type tests available online, each designed with a specific approach to determining a personality type. Most of these assess, through a series of questions, your likes and dislikes, tendencies and approaches to stress and relationships.

Based on your answers you are categorized and a general description of your personality given based on your target grouping.

The Enneagram test

This is a personality typing system that focuses on how a person conceptualizes the world and manages their emotions. Based on a series of questions, you can be grouped in one of nine personality types that are mapped on a nine-pointed diagram that illustrates how these types interact.

It was developed in the time of Pythagoras, approximately 495BC, and has been applicable ever since. The modern version of the test has some additions and modifications compared to the original, but the basics remain the same.

 Enya Explaining Enneagram


What is the most accurate way to determine your Enneagram type?

Although you could probably find a psychiatrist who will be able to conduct the Enneagram test in person, the most accurate way of determining you Enneagram personality type is by taking the online test at The Enneagram Test Queen.

I took the test to determine my Enneagram personality type and here is what I learned.

  • The test is extremely thorough and is scientifically validated.
  • It takes less than 30 minutes to complete by answering 108 questions online.
  • It gives you a quick result with lots of options for exploring your personality type professionally.


The true power of the test is seen when the results are used alongside a psychoanalyst to help you understand your personality type. Scientific research has shown that adults who have taken the Enneagram test and subsequently received 40-50 hours of coaching, showed significant improvement in their personal development. A professional can thus guide you through your personal development on several levels that include:

  • Personal growth and processing of past problems
  • Interpersonal growth and relationships
  • Professional growth

The Enneagram test has helped thousands deal with personal, interpersonal and professional problems over the years. It is a popular and trusted method to get to know yourself better, and offers tried and proven methods  help you deal with and process problems in your life.

Simply by understanding who you are and why you react in certain ways, offers profound insight into the functionality of your life and how you fit into this world. I would definitely recommend this test to anyone.