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These Enneagram Types Are The Most Out of Touch With Their Feelings

The diversity within the Enneagram system caters for nine different personality types, each with their own variations based on individual circumstances. Even though your personality type is set when you are born, being influenced by your genetics and well as other pre-natal factors, each person’s personality is influenced by their surroundings, or environment.

The Enneagram Types that exhibit the greatest disconnection from their emotions

You will notice that when you read up on the different Enneagram types that there is a lot of variation and even overlap between the different types. So much so, that you will probably be able to identify traits in yourself from several personality types.

Having said that, certain types are just more prone to certain traits than others are. Good examples include personality types that are out of touch with their feelings, and thus rely on external positive feedback and affirmation.

 Enneagram Triads

Two types that fall within this category are types 3, or The Achiever and type 7, The Enthusiast. Let’s have a look at some of their traits.


Type 3 – The Achiever

These are very driven and pragmatic individuals, focused on achieving their goals. They are self-assured, attractive and charming people that can be overly concerned about their image and what others think of them. Most workaholics are type 3’s, and they can struggle with balancing healthy social and personal life with their work.

Girl Holding a Cup

Healthy 3’s are valued and respected in society mainly because others see their dreams and hopes reflected in these successful role models. They can be very conscientious of others needs and feelings when they are balanced and healthy.

When they are unhealthy, Achievers become stressed and apathetic towards others. Their biggest fear is being considered worthless. They can be so focused on their career, that their own personal needs are ignored to their detriment. Often, this is only realized too late.


Type 7- The Enthusiast

These are the typical busy, fun-loving and impulsive types. Their spontaneous nature makes them the life of the party. They can however lose focus and become scattered in applying their talents, leaving them stressed and exhausted. Their negative traits are impatience and impulsiveness, but a balanced 7 will develop their focus and become joyful, grateful and fulfilled.

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This ignorance of their skills and needs often gets a 7 in trouble, where they could end up feeling unfulfilled and empty despite all the social butterflying. In order to keep up the appearance of being the fun-loving one, Enthusiasts often hide their feelings, or even ignore them. 

On the other hand, several Enneagram personality types have absolutely no problem identifying and expressing their feelings.

  • Type 8 – The Challenger. These individuals are confident, decisive and confrontational and you will usually know exactly where you stand with one of them!
  • Type 1 – The Reformer. These people are realistic, rational and self-controlled. They will tell you when you have wronged or please them – driven by their moral sense of obligation to be right and honest.

Which one of these are you? Let us know in the comments below.

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