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Identifying an Enneagram Type 7: Top Three Indicators

Simply, it is a way of imagining, categorising, and understanding the different tendencies and strong points in an individual’s personality. One is meant to fall into one of nine personality types, with certain characteristics, habits, motivations, and passions. The Enneagram is not meant to diagnose or treat any kind of personality disorder and is based more on the imagination and creativity than on provable science, but can give some insight as to how we think, react, and what we value.

The Enneagram Type 7 is described as extroverted, excitable, and spontaneous. Also known as “The Enthusiast”, this type is passionate, energetic, optimistic, and outgoing.


type 7


What are some signs that you fit into this category?


You’ll Try Anything Once


Those who fit into a Type 7 personality are generally up for anything different, unique, weird, or spontaneous. They don’t mind having their routines disrupted, and are willing to go on adventures at the drop of a hat. They’re excited and optimistic about every new endeavour, and have a great deal of energy to tackle something they’ve never tried before. Many people like this thrive in fast-paced, busy environments. They’re energised and enthusiastic when on vacation, and feel the most excited and alive when doing something daring and unique that they’ve never done before. These are the people on the water slide, zip line, and hang gliders, and the ones eating chocolate covered bugs just for the heck of it. Sounds like you? You might be a Type 7!


You’re Perennially Hopeful


Is it really tough to bum you out, or get you down? Do you approach every new task with a contagious hope, optimism, and energy? Do other people say that they feel more energised and capable just bey being around you? You may fit into the Type 7 category! “Enthusiast” types have an ability to rally others with zeal, positivity, excitement, and vision. You approach every new task as a mission to be completed, and the thought of failure rarely enters your mind. You’re focused more on success, and this hope for success keeps you motivated, active, and imagining how awesome it’ll be to complete the task. Many successful entertainers have had these characteristics, and the passion and drive that they put into their talents and career have often gotten them far.

You Have Boundless Energy for Every Pursuit


Some people are discouraged by failure, or put off my under-performing results. But those with the “Enthusiast” personality type have a tendency to try time and time again, no matter the obstacles, set backs, or disappointments. Nothing can stop them from trying over and over until something works. Many entrepreneurs who have tried multiple times to succeed at different businesses before finally reaching success would fit the profile of a Type 7.  If you approach every new project with energy, excitement, and vision, and don’t let past failures mar your drive or weigh you down, and if you get energy from trying over and over, you may fit into the category!

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