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The Rarest Enneagram Type 4

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Enneagrams are personality traits that analyse a variety of personality types. You may be curious to explore further into these great indicators to divide personalities.

Here we will explain why type 4 is the rarest enneagram type, using a variety of personality indicators to describe why.

Keep reading to fully understand why this is such a rare type.

It is important to consider that each enneagram has a specific type, and the one that is observed the most in this one is shame, with an emphasis on a blurred ability to represent who they really are, inciting the, to create a personality on related to their personal emotions.

These types are very focused within themselves and therefore may be disengaged with the factors that they deem to be ‘outside’ of their life. This makes them feel certain emotions, notably those of envy, as they understand their complete differences between others believing that other people seem to have an easier life than them. Due to this envy, this personality type may have a negative self-image of themselves, which is a key attribute of their personality.

What does Enneagram 4 Consist of?

This type consists of a variety of different traits as listed above, but these can be emphasised further. As a type, they are withdrawn from society, and can experience high level of frustration if their idealised life is not lived up to. They are also defined by their constant feeling of not being good enough to live up to a projected image that they seek to keep up with. In this way, Enneagram 4 may feel troubled in their life due to their constant feeling as an outsider.


As the overview suggests, this type is likely to struggle when it comes to relationships due to this damaging projection of a negative self-image. Their sense of feeling like an outsider comes into play here, and in this way, they tend to treat their partners as idols whom they are likely to be envious of. When they feel let down, they are likely to feel disappointed that their ideals are not being lived up to. This has the potential to lead to a confused relationship with the partner on the other end confused with where they are in the relationship, meaning that relationships can be made difficult.

Therefore, this rare type is actually quite a damaged one, as they have a very negative image of themselves that severely affects everything in their lives. This is likely to manifest in their communications with others, notably through things such as relationships, as they consistently feel envious if their ideal life is not lived up to. This enviousness can come from a negative self-image as they consistently see themselves as different and as an outsider. They also seek to live up to a projected image of themselves, and if this is not idealised, they may feel things such as shame and frustration, emotions characteristic of enneagram 4.

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