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Effective Mindfulness Meditation

meditation mindfulness take the test May 03, 2021

In the fast paced rather hectic world we live in these days many are always looking for and practicing techniques that offer relief.

Effective mindfulness meditation practices are for many the answer they have been looking for. Because they find calm and release from the world’s hectic ways.




Sophrology a form of mindfulness allows us to operate both in the present. And find peace from the past and to be keen on the future that lies ahead.

Professor Alphonso Caycedo a neuropsychiatrist named his theory Sophrology. Which he originally developed for the treatment of returning service personnel suffering from PTSD.

Those who practice Positive Action basically propose that one not focus on the problem itself. But rather on some positive aspect of their lives. Because the pleasant recall of one’s past and acclaiming a positive view of the future. It creates a meaningful improvement and some increased degree of happiness.

Objective reality

Objective Reality also developed by Caycedo involves a matter of looking at things. And situation as neutral, rather than good or bad, positive or negative.

Body Consciousness:

A third aspect of Mindfulness developed by Caycedo is to know and understand your body and how to process emotions. While have harmony between body, mind and emotions. A simple practice would be to inhale deeply and then releasing the air slowly. As you enjoy the feeling of released tension.

But the concept here is to select an area of your life that could be less stressful. And to focus your mind and body on releasing that stress.

Therefore a sophrology session can be done individually or in a group.

Initial steps typically involve getting to know each part of your body as you tense. And release each part, working toward the goal of calmness. With practice one can introduce the state of calmness into life’s challenges. Such as sports, academic tests, public speaking or whatever.

Practice can virtually reprogram your body and brain to see things much more positively. Many report improvements in sleeping, fewer areas of anxiety, increased self confidence and overall greater wellbeing.

Even some areas of life are noticeably improved. Such as, physical health, mental agility, concentration, general wellbeing, improved relationships, the list goes on and on!

The goal of practicing Mindfulness is of course to generally improve the quality of life. From a mental, emotional and physical perspective.

There are of course a variety of routines that individually or collectively can be undertaken to reap the many benefits we have discussed.

”effectiveEffective Mindfulness Meditation Routines:

However here we can explain a few rewarding practices that you can do anywhere and without any special training.

Close eyes, raise arms breathe in as fully as possible, hold the breath and tense your body even face and toes, and then release the breath very slowly, lowering the arms, noticing a release of tension throughout your body.

Believe it or not Humming as you breathe in and out will enhance the feelings of relaxation as you do the routine above.

As with any exercise regular and consistent repetition is at the heart of the possible benefits.

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