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What is Mindfulness Meditation?

meditation mindfulness take the test May 03, 2021

Meditation is an activity that is performed to calm and center the mind - the practice itself comes in many forms and many schools of thought have been formed around this practice. Mindfulness meditation is a form of the activity that focuses on the capability of humans to be fully aware and present with all that is going on around them and to take it all in with patience, not being fully overwhelmed or reacting adversely to situations around them.

We all have the capability to be mindful in our lives, but the ease of use only comes with daily practice.

How Can You Be Mindful In Meditation?

When you can be mentally aware and bring that ability and apply it to what you are going through in the present moment, be it on your sensory organs, or directly to the state of mind that you are experience via your emotions or your thoughts, in that moment, you are being mindful.

Let us try and connect this idea to the concept of meditation. Meditation is not a one-stop fix-all kind of solution, it involves the idea of motion and exploration, it is not a destination you are travelling to, but rather, it is the journey. In meditation, you don’t fully lose any distracting thoughts, you learn to appreciate them, and come to a place of serenity in spite of them being there. When you meditate, you get into the inner happenings of your mind, and you are able to observe the functionality therein. What mindfulness brings into the picture is the ability to be able to perceive situations all around us without the concept of judgement, but in a natural, curious way, helping us be kind, loving and warm to ourselves and the people around us.

So, How Can You Practice This Type Of Mindfulness Meditation?

The concept of mindfulness is available to us, and we can get into it at a moment’s notice - and not only through the vehicle of meditation. Having good practices like taking a breather during a stressful period of time is a good way to get started.

You don’t need any specialized equipment to get started with mindfulness - all you need is some time set aside during the day, that you can tune in to it. Try to be mindful of the present, instead of focusing your attention on the future, without trying to completely empty the mind of all conscious thoughts. You need to learn to forgive yourself when your mind tries to wander away and focus on the stresses of life - be kind to yourself - after all, it is for your benefit that you are doing this practice.

This is the crux of mindfulness meditation. Getting to the more physical aspects of this practice, you must learn to focus your attention onto your breath, as it is the breath that is one constant thing that goes on and on. Using the breath as your focal point, you can begin to start calming your mind down, until you are mindful of every breath going in and out.

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