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4 Tips for an Enneagram Type 4

enneagram christ enneagram test enneagram type enneagram wings take the test May 03, 2021

Enneagram Type 4 people are emotionally honest and creative individuals. They are self-aware, very expressive and are often called ‘The Individualist’ by The Enneagram Institute. Types 4s often completely immerse themselves in comprehending their own identity, owing to their biggest fear that they have no grounding reality or personality of their own.

They constantly feel the need to surround themselves with artistic and beautiful things since there is an innate disdain for anything ordinary. They like to think of themselves as individuals who bring a meaning and purpose to the world through their grace and elegance.

While a type 4 might feel different from most other people, this constant search for the missing piece of the puzzle might bring untoward stress and melancholy in their life. If you are a type 4, this post is definitely for you, as we go into a few tips and details of how to live a balanced, happier and healthier life.


1. Focus On the Greater Good

Type 4 individuals can easily get caught up in their own affairs and forget about the world that exists outside of them. In doing this, they often end up overthinking and over-analysing almost every component of their life. By focusing on make the world around them a better place for others, type 4s can easily avoid unnecessary stress of their own making.


2. Your Emotions Do Not Define Your Personality

It is easy for a Type 4 individual to get overwhelmed by the strong emotions they may feel in their daily lives. They are highly sensitive people who are completely attuned to their own feelings. Sometimes, because they feel emotions so intensely, they spiral into believing that their emotions define the kind of person they are. Nothing can be further away from the truth.



As a type 4, learn to separate your emotions from your personality. Emotions are highly temporary. Learn to think of them as phases that you will always overcome. Practise meditation and mindfulness and think of yourself as a tree with deep roots. It might rain, it might storm and it might be sunny- no matter what the weather is like, the tree remains steadfast and grounded.


3. Volunteer

Becoming a volunteer to help the downtrodden and the deprived might often turn out to be a life transforming event for a type 4. Use your inborn intensity as a type 4 to change the world around for others.

By using your zeal and drive to better the lives of people around you, you will be making a real difference and not become caught up in your own emotions. 


4. Learn To Discipline Yourself

A type 4 can easily get caught up in unhealthy habits that stem from stress. They will realise that they are over indulging or staying up late and this will cause them even more anxiety, thus perpetuating a vicious cycle.


Disciplining your mind as a Enneagram Type 4 will be a huge step in overcoming this. It might not be easy but it will always be worth it.


An Enneagram Type 4 person has a lot to give to the world if they allow themselves the freedom to do so. Hopefully these quick tips will promote a step in the right direction.

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