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7 Reasons Why We Should All be More Like Enneagram Type 7s

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Enneagram type 7s have become a popular personality. Everyone wants to be like a type 7 because they are fun seekers and known for the spontaneity, optimism, and adventurous spirit. You want to be more like a type 7 personality because it seems better than being a type 2 or 6 personality. However, there is so much more to a type 7 personality than you think.


So, what are the top 7 reasons why you should try and be more like a type 7 personality?


1. More Adaptable


Enneagram type 7 personalities are always adaptable. This means they can do something in one manner and suddenly switch to another gear when it becomes necessary. It’s a simple thing for them because they don’t fear change. Type 7 Enneagram personalities are prepared for any little thing. They know things won’t always run smoothly but are ready to adapt when necessary. That is part of the Enneagram type 7 personality. When you’re a 7, you can see change as a good thing rather than fear it. You aren’t afraid to jump to a new path when the old one doesn’t work out.


2. Can Take a Step Back When Necessary


Positive and negative emotions can disrupt your body. When good things happen, your body feels happy and when negative thoughts creep in, you panic. Fortunately, type 7 Enneagram personalities can shut those negatives out. You can take a break from them, breathe, and take a moment to yourself. That is why you should try to be more like a type 7 personality because it gives you time to calmly approach the situation.


3. Open to Possibilities


You know things won’t always work out as planned but still, you want to try, even when it’s a risk. It’s a fantastic trait because risk is what you need in life. You need to try new things and not be afraid to fail. That is one of the best reasons to want to be more like a type 7 personality. You have so much to offer, and you often look at the practical side. You can embrace the possibilities and want to chase the dream, even when it doesn’t work out.


4. Less Judgemental


You’re outgoing, optimistic as a type 7 personality and that means you go beyond the surface. You see a book, you don’t like its front cover, but you don’t jump to judge it. Instead, you look past the cover and get to know the book before you make any decisions. That is why you should be more like a type 7 personality. You aren’t quick to judge someone by their looks, you learn about them first. There is a passion for knowledge and realize people have off days.


5. 7s Never Want to Settle for Second Best


One of the best things about type 7 personalities, is that they know what they want to do and aren’t afraid to achieve it. While you don’t succeed every time, you don’t let that stop you trying. You never settle for second best; you drive on to be the best you can be. You’re realistic, you know some dreams are out of reach; however, you try before you give up on them. That is the reason to be more like an Enneagram type 7 personality.


6. You Don’t Wait for Things to Fall into Your Lap


While some wait for good things to happen to them, type 7s don’t. 7s are go-getters, they seek out opportunities because it motivates them to chase their dreams. You can enjoy your time as a type 7 personality because you won’t be afraid to pursue things that seem out of reach. That’s way it’s better to be an Enneagram type 7 personality; you go out and try things you wouldn’t normally.


7. Everyone Is Inclusive in Your Eyes


7s are people who gets on with everyone they meet. You don’t want to exclude people; you want everyone to feel as though they have a place and belong. You’re great at connecting with people and seeing the best in them too. You try to encourage people to do new things and you often make friends easily. This is the type 7 personality, and you should try to be more like this.


The Lure of Type 7


There are many reasons to be more like an Enneagram personality type 7. You can be friendly to all you meet, try your hand at almost anything, and are optimistic about any situation that comes your way. It’s a great way to see life in a new prospectus and feel closer to your friends, family, and co-workers. Type 7 personalities are unique in so many ways, it’s no wonder why you should be more like them.

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