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How the Enneagram Type 4 Changed My Life a LOT!

My days are hectic. From caring for the children to work commitments, I often find my days long, stressful, and quite tiring. Burn-out comes easily to me and my patience level is low. For me, that is normal and even though most other families deal with that daily, I find it a strain. When you’re overworked, tired, stressed, and feel unappreciated, you feel downtrodden – or at least I do anyway. I feel that most days because it gets to you when you’re juggling work around family time and vice versa.

There is just always something to do, whether it’s cleaning the home or putting in overtime in the office. Then, there is always something that needs to be done at home, like cooking or homework. I don’t see my routine changing anytime soon!

 Struggling about Enneagram

THEN, I found Enneagram Queen.


It was my best friend who told me about Enneagram Queen and to be honest, I wasn’t overly impressed at first. I thought it was just another scam or cop-out for people to complain why their life was so bad. I hadn’t taken a lot of personality tests before and I didn’t think it would tell me anything I didn’t already know about myself. Fortunately, I was wrong. Enneagram Queen was completely different from what I thought it would be.

It’s a new and different personality test. When I first started, I was skeptical about it, but I soon changed my mind. The personality test told me things I didn’t expect to hear. I listened to what the test told me and took their advice. Soon, I started to notice a change in my behavior and how I handled situations. I had no idea I had centers or what it meant, but Enneagram Queen showed me how to align them by making simple adjustments to my life. I found out my personality type, what it meant to be a mother and a wife, and what my needs were. I felt able to be a woman again, not just a mother or wife.

The Different Personality Types


According to the Enneagram Queen Personality Test, there are nine distinct types of personalities. I’m type four – the Artist – and type four personalities have lots of good characteristics with some bad ones thrown in. It didn’t really surprise me to hear this because I do see a lot of these traits in my daily life.

The Artist Personality Type

I’m self-aware, reserved, and quite sensitive. I could believe what I was being told because do experience all those feelings daily. I’m often unsure how to react to a situation without being too over the top in my response. Type four personalities are honest but emotional and quite self-conscious and moody. I’m a rare personality, apparently, and feel confident on occasion. I could totally see myself as all those things because I do get emotional, moody, and am reserved at the best of times.

Upon hearing my results, I was confident in Enneagram because I knew it was spot on. While I tried to deny certain traits, I knew it was accurate. I do keep things bottled up and get quite emotional.

Personality types include the Helper, Reformer, Investigator, Enthusiast, Achiever, Individualist, Loyalist, Challenger, and Peacemaker. All personalities are based on genetics and nurturing. To be honest, I didn’t really understand what it meant to be type four personality, but Enneagram Queen opened my eyes to what it meant for me.

Thinking About Enneagram

I wanted to know more, so I searched online and found that type four was exactly like me. I wanted to learn to more because it was important for me to understand who I was. Enneagram Queen team helped me discover more about myself. They helped me to move to a path that made me a better and more loving person. I now understand how stressful situations make me feel and how I behave is related to my personality type. I know what to expect with every situation I face and it’s all thanks to Enneagram.

Now, I’m more educated and prepared for being a type four personality. I’m a stronger person because of it and understand the person I am. I’m confident and know how to tackle any situation that comes my way. I can’t thank the Enneagram Queen team enough because they’ve allowed me to understand my personality on a deep level. I’ve been able to connect to my spiritual side and was given complete access to the Enneagram Library. There I found lots of audio and video explaining Enneagram courses, along with step-by-step guides and more. It looks great and allows me to explore myself; I know how deep my feelings are.

I have the knowledge of my emotional background and understand how my childhood has influenced my adulthood and development. With Enneagram Queen team, I’ve been given unlimited access to their test and it’s great if you want to check your type again later. I was pleasantly surprised with what I found and the type of personality I really am.

Getting Guidance from Enneagram Queen


I loved the personality test. It allowed me to realize how important it was to change and become a stronger individual. The trivial things that made me difficult to be around in stressful situations are now easier to understand. You can take the test and find out about you and your personality type. They’ll give you the best advice and allow you to understand how to become a better person too. I found out how to balance my centers and take control of my life again.

Special Enneagram Offer


Enneagram gave me guidance on my personality. It was completely personalized for me and that allowed me to understand who I was and found a way to rebalance my life. That guided and showed me how to use different thinking techniques to handle conflicts better. I know how to solve problems more effectively rather than avoid the issue or make them worse. While I was skeptical about the test, I trusted my friends, listened to my instincts, and found my true personality type. It was an eye-opening experience and something I am truly glad I tried.

I’ve become a better wife, mother, and friend.

A New and Better Me


Enneagram Queen really helped me become a better wife, mother, friend, and woman. It has made me stronger, more confident, and able to understand what has made me the person I am today. While I was used to being stressed out most days and getting upset over the littlest things, I know now I can share my problems. I understand the world doesn’t revolve around my problems or needs; others have needs too. The Enneagram Queen helped me so much. I have even found a way to communicate with others better and can feel confident in tackling any situation.

I can solve problems better but listen more to other needs. I feel more focused and centered. I can overcome issues that I find difficult to deal with and the test has made me a stronger person. I even asked my husband and children to take the test, just to see if we’re alike. To my surprise, my husband was an Investigator, and my children were Enthusiasts.

It’s great to see just how different we all are, but we’ve become a stronger and closer family. We’ve had a better relationship and bettered ourselves too. As a family, we are stronger and feel like a unit.

If you, or someone you know constantly complains about their life, I really would recommend them to the Enneagram Queen Personality Test.

It’s a great experience.