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Enneagram & Seasons: Do Traits Change with Weather?

As both seasons and scenery shift throughout the year, so too do the environments that encompass us and the pursuits which fill our time. But does our Enneagram type also evolve with the calendar? This blog post aims to investigate potential linkages between the nine Enneagram personality types and fluctuating seasonal cycles, delving into if an individual's inherent disposition is subject to evolution over the passage of time or remains a fixed attribute.

 Enneagram and Seasons


The Enneagram: Understanding Personality Types

The Enneagram describes nine distinct personality types within its system, where each type possesses its own unique combination of characteristics, drives, and typical ways of conducting oneself. These numerical insights, so often alluded to colloquially, may afford glimpses into our intrinsic nature and methods by which we traverse our surroundings. Many people identify with a specific Enneagram type and find value in understanding their patterns and tendencies.


Seasonal Influences on Personality

Our moods, energy levels and overall well-being are deeply affected by the shifting seasonal changes throughout the year. The bright sunshine that typically bathes the summer months may bring out in some a more extroverted, adventurous spirit inclined to take risks, traits not unlike those associated with certain headstrong Enneagram designations. In contrast, during the colder winter months, we may crave solitude, introspection, and comfort - traits associated with different Enneagram types.


Flexibility and Adaptability

While seasonal influences can certainly impact our behaviour and emotions, it is important to remember that our core Enneagram type remains stable. However, our ability to adapt and display certain characteristics associated with other types may be more prevalent during specific times of the year. 


Enneagram and Weather


For instance, an individual identifying as someone with a penchant for enthusiasm and a fondness for adventure may feel most comfortable amidst the summer months' plentiful prospects for both outdoor adventures and occasions to investigate their environs. On the other hand, during the winter months, they may tap into the more introspective traits of a Type 4, embracing solitude and reflective practices.

While our Enneagram type may remain the same, personal growth and self-awareness can lead to positive transformations.