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Healing After Heartbreak: How the Enneagram Can Help You

There is little doubt that enduring the anguish of a broken heart ranks among life's most challenging solitary struggles any of us may face. Undergoing the process frequently results in a harrowing experience that risks abandoning you in a condition of perplexity, equivocation and detachment. Despite experiencing difficult feelings after a breakup, learning about the Enneagram can help one untangle intricate inner workings to better understand oneself and walk a healthier path ahead.


Understanding the Pain of a Broken Heart

The Enneagram personality typing system delves into our inherent emotional, mental, and physical leanings while also illuminating the behaviors and thought processes underlying such predispositions, offering singular perspectives. By gaining invaluable insight into how one reacts to difficult situations and how best to support one's own healing through an understanding of one's Enneagram type, difficulties may be more constructively addressed.

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The Challenge of Emotions: An Enneagram Perspective

Through examining the Enneagram's insights, this blog post seeks to demonstrate how one may draw upon its wisdom to navigate the path of self-recovery following a relationship's end. We’ll cover several key topics that are relevant to all Enneagram types.


Accepting your feelings

There are few things more crucial after ending a relationship than permitting oneself to genuinely experience the entire spectrum of emotions. Whether you are feeling angry, sad, or confused, it’s important to honor your feelings without judgment. While tapping into emotions can pose difficulties for those Enneagram types prone to burying feelings or becoming consumed by them, including but not limited to Types Five, Nine, Four, and Eight, skillfully navigating one's inner world is nonetheless paramount for self-knowledge and personal growth.


Regardless of your Enneagram type, it’s important to acknowledge and accept your feelings. Should you require assistance in this endeavor, contemplated seeking counsel from a reliable confidant, loved one, or mental health professional.

 Heartbreak and Enneagram

Practicing self-care

While grieving the end of a relationship may consume one's thoughts, neglecting personal needs solely for mourning the loss can further weaken an already vulnerable state. While tending to one's own needs should rightly rank highly, balancing self-care with care for others can yield well-rounded priorities. By indulging in pursuits that one finds pleasurable, like fitness, literature, or communing amidst the outdoors, it is possible to experience joy.


Accepting Your Feelings Without Judgment

Different Enneagram types may need different types of self-care. For instance, excessive worriers such as those of Type Six may gain advantage from practices enabling presence of mind, while people-pleasers resembling Type Two may need to first establish with others boundaries promoting wellbeing. Clear communication of expectations and limitations can help reduce conflicts that undermine relationships and productivity. Communicating openly about expectations and limitations can help reduce conflicts that undermine relationships and productivity. Through an awareness of mutual needs and respect for boundaries from all sides, the possibility of finding common ground and settlement expands.

Unveil the depths of your Enneagram category in the present moment, acquiring precious wisdom to confidently traverse challenging circumstances.