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How Has Knowing Your Enneagram Number Changed Your Life?

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Personality Matters?

Personality metrics and emotional intelligence seem to be playing an ever-increasing role in our world today. Everything from hiring for a job to romantic compatibility nowadays seem to factor in your personality style more than just your technical prowess in your subject of experience. I think people are becoming increasingly self aware of how their personalities shape the way they see the world and how they interact with it. And I know for myself, personality types have always intrigued me. And I often find myself trying to read people through the lens of a personality type. I have taken a few different personality tests over the years. They all seem to vary in how comprehensive they are and their metrics. The enneagram personality test seems to be one of the more popular choices out there. And so I had a go at it - to know which Enneagram number am I.

Enneagram Number Changed Your Life

Which Enneagram Number Am I?

I discovered I was personality type 9, the mediator or also known as the peacemaker. The description for this personality type seemed to have me down to almost every little detail. But it was also quite reassuring knowing that most of my behavioural tendencies made sense. And there was a method to the self perceived madness in my life. I am someone who loves people, loves serving them and making them happy. I can often trust easily and I try my best not to presuppose. And I tend to be optimistic and maintain a positive outlook on most situations. Even if I’m unsure of the outcome.

I enjoy bringing people together and I am most comfortable when everyone gets along. Friction and confrontation don’t sit well with me and I often have a hard time dealing with them. On the flip side, this makes for situations where I am often always just agreeable. Even if I’m not really on board with what is happening. I often do come across as being complacent and indifferent. Which I know has often been quite frustrating for some of the people in my life. And I know I have a tendency to downplay certain situations. And issues that other people have in an effort to try and mitigate their situation and maintain the peace. I am learning that this isn’t always helpful and can often be more damaging and less peaceful.

It Helps to Have Context

The enneagram personality test among others have shown me that most behaviours and actions for people have an explanation. It has helped me understand myself which in turn has greatly helped me understand the people in my life. And how I can best interact with them. I find it easier not to get frustrated or disappointed with situations and people once you understand context and you realize that people’s behaviours generally follow a pattern. I think the older you get the more you realize the impact and importance of something as simple and yet so complex as a personality type.

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