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Building Confidence for Enneagram Type 6 Individuals

Being an Enneagram type 6 personality can be wonderful. You are known as responsible, trustworthy, hard-working, and reliable. You’re the personality that is bursting with creative ideas and find inspiration in the little things. It’s a fantastic Enneagram type because you have beliefs and are dedicated to those causes and the people around you. You are tireless to a fault. Unfortunately, some type 6 personalities have self-confidence issues. You could be more susceptible to self-doubt, and you always think of the worst-case scenario.


So, how can you build your confidence as an Enneagram type 6 personality?


Consider Volunteering for A Minor Task or Event


You’re a hard worker but lack confidence in the workplace. It’s difficult to gain confidence, even when you have great ideas and are friendly with your co-workers. Fortunately, there are simple ways to build and boost your confidence in the workplace. By volunteering, you can take the first step towards establishing confidence. It can be a minor task or a new assignment, but it can be a great steppingstone towards feeling and acting confidently. You can feel better about this small act but can enable you to change your attitude.

Volunteering for minor tasks will allow you to communicate better with others and make it a new habit. This will allow you to feel confident and gain belief in your abilities. This can be a wonderfully simple way to become a better type 6 personality.


Tackle One Issue at A Time


You have a happy relationship but there are times when you question the validity of it. You don’t always like to discuss certain issues and you put it to the back of your mind. Overcoming this is important for yourself and your relationship. It’s crucial to pinpoint one issue and face it head on. For instance, you’re sometimes insecure when you see your husband speaking to another woman. It is entirely innocent but that has caused you to question your relationship. You have a fear of rejection, so to overcome it, you must confront it. Sit down with your partner and express your feelings and thoughts.

By doing this, you can feel more confident in your relationship. It’ll be a natural habit – to discuss your feelings or emotions. This is crucial in gaining more self-confidence and feeling better about yourself.


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Accept You Have Confidence Issues


Before you can change, you need to accept that you have doubts about yourself. It’s important to stand up and acknowledge you have confidence issues. This is the first step to recovery and becoming a stronger person. Everyone has fears and doubts, and you shouldn’t be afraid to accept them. It will make you a stronger, productive, and happier person overall. You can confront those fears and even give your confidence a boost.


Positive Thoughts Can Overcome Self-Doubt


Some say it’s all in the mind when it comes to fear, doubt, and happiness and maybe that’s true, but that is also where the solution lies. You need to think more positively to become a strong Enneagram type 6 personality. Approach any subject with ease, volunteer, and confront your fears. You should never be afraid to express yourself as it’ll help your confidence. Being a confident type 6 personality is possible and you can enjoy life to the fullest.


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