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Enneagram-Driven Personal Growth Tips

You took the test and discovered your enneagram, but you may be wondering what you can use this information for. How can you use this information to grow? Something that makes enneagram so unique is that it offers you a clear and concise path that you can take to grow in a healthy manner. This enneagram teaches you some incredible insight in not only who you are, but what motivates you. Still, you may need some guidance in how you can use the enneagram to achieve the growth that you are looking for. Reading on, you can learn some great steps on how to use the enneagram for growth.


Make Peace with Who You Are


A lot of people wonder why they got their number. They may feel some resistance to this discovery. This often happens because people feel uncomfortable when they get through the layers to discover their true core. Once you make peace with your number, you can move on to working towards growth rather than resisting who you really are.


Figure Out the Areas Where You Want to Grow


After you have made peace with your number, you can start taking a closer look at the various areas of your life where you have room to grow. Do you have some incredibly unhealthy habit that you want to overcome? Is there a destructive behaviour that you need to break? Or, are you just looking to figure out your life purpose? There are many different areas where you can afford to grow, so it’s important to prioritise the areas that you want to grow first and work from there. Just remember that change doesn’t happen overnight.


Surrender Yourself to the Journey


It can be hard to surrender control during this journey. However, it’s important to give up some of this control in order to succeed on your journey to growth. The enneagram gives you insight on who you are. It’s up to you to use this insight and surrender yourself to the journey. Trust the process. By doing this, you can undergo the transformative growth required for success.


Put Everything into Practice


It’s time to take everything that you know and put it into practice in your life. You can say your enneagram type all you want, but you need to take this information and work towards your journey of growth. This is the time to walk the path that you need to achieve your goals by putting into practice everything that you have learned about your enneagram type.

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Be Patient with Yourself


As previously mentioned, change doesn’t happen overnight. You’re not going to be perfect. Anytime that you hit an obstacle on your path to growth, remember to just be patient and forgive yourself. This journey isn’t going to be easy, but what matters is that you keep moving towards growth.




Knowing your enneagram is really only half the battle. You need to be able to take what you know about your enneagram type and use it to grow in every aspect of your life.


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