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How Your Enneagram Type Impacts Your Home Design

If you’ve started to get into understanding the 9 personality types in the enneagram, you already know how this may start impacting other aspects of your life. This includes learning how to properly design your home based on your enneagram Reading on, you can learn more about how your enneagram impacts your home design.


Type 1 Personalities Have a More Minimalist Style

You fit this category if you are someone who tends to be more self-controlled, rational, and ordered. This means that you also tend to learn towards perfectionism. But most importantly, you value things that are practical and purposeful. You tend to have a more minimalist style, focused on things that are practical but also polished. You will lean towards décor that is symmetrical and with organization as a focus. Muted neutral tones will be the best option for your home décor.


Type 2 Personalities Make Their Home Feel Cozy

Helper personalities tend to be more focused on others, focusing their efforts on being generous and highly interpersonal. As a helper, you will want to have places in the home that’s focused on connections. You will want to have comfort, focused on décor that makes your home feel cozy. You want furniture like oversized armchairs to have more intimate moments with your loved ones. Warm tones and colors can help complete the space.


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Type 3 Personalities Love High-end Furniture and Décor

As an achiever, you are focused on your goals and are success oriented. You will want to create memorable moments and experiences in the various aspects of your life, including at home. This type tends to love high-end furniture and décor, made specifically to impress guests into your home. This means that you have collectibles, high-end art pieces, and name-brand items.


Type 4 Personalities Want One-of-a-kind Pieces

Artists tend to be introspective and a bit on the moody side. You strive to be unique and to stand out wherever you are. As far as your home décor means, this means that you tend to choose pieces that are as unique. You want one-of-a-kind pieces that no one else has. Whether you purchase or create the art pieces around your home, you want something personal and special in your space.


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Type 5 Personalities Want a Approachable and Simplistic Place

You are an innovator who likes their own space and privacy. You don’t want to spend a lot of time deciding on your home décor. You want a place that is approachable and simplistic, without a lot of effort. You will need a space where you can peacefully reflect, someplace that feels comfortable for you.


Type 6 Personalities Want Deep, Warm Tones

You are dependable, with people looking to you for stability because you want people to have a sense of security around you. You want your home to be an escape, so you want deep, warm tones and subtle palettes along with wood tones throughout your space.


Type 7 Personalities Have a More Eclectic Style

You are spontaneous and energetic, and your home should reflect that. You tend to have a more eclectic style with bright colors, scattered items, and bold accents. You may also prefer either an outdoorsy or bohemian aesthetic in your home.


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Type 8 Personalities Statement Furniture and Bold Accents

You are both and confident. This means that you want your home to leave an impression on everyone who comes into your space. Statement furniture and bold accents are a great place to start to create the perfect space for you.


Type 9 Personalities Want More Traditional Décor

Due to your welcoming personality, this means that you want to make sure people feel at peace whenever they enter your space. You want more traditional décor with softer color palettes. You may even love a lot of houseplants to give your space that zen vibe.