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Spiritual Revitalization for Each Enneagram Type

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Walk with nature and reflect on gods creations, it is imperative that type 1 enneagrams take the time to attune themselves with nature and the beautiful creations of God, allowing them to tap into their spirituality with the earth.

Renewal of Spirituality tailored to Each Enneagram Personality Type


Type 2

Confide in a close person and discuss your emotions because you may have a lot of emotions bottled and it is extremely important to release these in a productive and healthy way, understanding that you have companions to help you focus on your personal development. 

Type 3

Slow down and create boundaries with work because work may be taking such a large toll in your life that you forget to appreciate the greatness of God’s world. In this was you will be able to tap into your spirituality with the holy father and develop your personal connection by creating boundaries elsewhere. 

Type 4

Create a hobby to explore emotions and happiness as it is important for you to explore what God has placed in this world for you to explore. In this way you will be able to achieve a new level of exploration and happiness within yourself and your relationship to the lord. 

enneagram and meditation

Type 5

Recharge and focus on your goals enneagram 5, it is time to take a step back from the busy day of your life and recentre on your inner being by taking a well overdue break. Take this time to explore your relationship with the lord by reading the bible and exploring ways to deepen your connection with him. 

Type 6

Identify your potential worries and work on these, as it is likely you may not be extremely happy with your life at this moment. The lord wants you to focus on yourself and developing yourself, and it is important to sit down, breathe, and focus on what you could improve about your life at the moment.

Type 7

Walk in nature and focus on God’s creations and stay present. This is similar advice for enneagram 1, as it is vital for your to focus on the grander things in life, such as the beauty of our world.

Type 8

Think of the something you can prepare yourself for at start of the day, as this will certainly help you to create a more ordered life in which you can feel productive from. You may feel as if you are skating through life, but by setting a goal to achieve daily and taking the time to prepare for these goals, you will certainly feel a sense of achievement.

Type 9

Assess your internal world, discuss improvements just like a type 6 enneagram needs to do. You have similar worries plaguing you, and for this reason it is imperative to recentre and focus on the parts of yourself that you would like to see improved into helping you become the person of your dreams. For this reason, it is important to take a step back from the external world, and refocus, at least temporarily on your internal one.

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