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What Enneagram Type is Gregory House?

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Gregory House is the main character on the TV series House. Let’s explore his enneagram type and why this is the case.

House is definitely a type 5, who identifies heavily with investigative roles. 

Let’s explore further what this type entails and why House fits the mould so well.

Type 5 Enneagram-The Thinker

The type 5 enneagram can be identified through a variety of different traits. Notably, they are identified as investigators, and in this way, are very analytical when it comes to decision making, and they ensure that they arrive at informed conclusions before taking action. House fits this very well in his role of leading diagnosticians, as it is important for him to consider the information that is present when it comes to making potentially life changing decisions. 

This enneagram Type 5 is seen as very intelligent as well, and in this role, House certainly needs to have a high level of intelligence. In this way, this type is likely to specialise in certain areas that they enjoy the most, and as someone who enjoys planning, House satisfies this area of enneagram 5 as well. 

However, this type can also be very preoccupied with imaginary scenarios in which they may feel pressured to deal with. This type strongly enjoys a challenge, and this rings true to House as well. In this way, when requirements are not met, this type has the tendency to become very argumentative when things seem to go wrong.


Nonetheless, as we see in the series, house is very calm under pressure, and this is an important trait of enneagram 5.

They tend to approach situations with a much calmer demeanour than those of other enneagrams as they believe that they have done their research and have come to the informed conclusions as discussed above. House seems to represent this, especially in his job, as when things go wrong it is extremely important that someone of this role is able to be able to maintain this level-headedness as discussed above, another reason why he fits into this category well. 

In this way, enneagram 5 are much better suited to being able to control their emotions, preventing these emotions from interfering with things such as work, which is an extremely important trait for House to have when it comes to his career, proving once again that he fits into this enneagram the most suitably.

Therefore, Gregory House is certainly enneagram 5, as he exhibits the multitude of traits listed above that are clearly evident in his portrayal on the program, House.

This is notably evident in his intellectual approaches towards situations, making sure to gain as much information to arrive at informed conclusions to best inform the decisions that he makes. House enjoys challenging himself but recognises the importance of maintaining a level head towards things as he is able to monitor his emotions extremely successfully to make sure that the job is done as successfully as possible without interference from his own emotions.

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