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The Prevalence of Enneagram Types: Which Is Most Common?

You may be wondering if some of the Enneagram types are seen more frequently than the others, or if some are rarer. Although this would be a difficult question to offer a calculated answer to, as no scientific studies have been done on this, we can certainly venture an educated guess.

Anecdotal evidence from several Enneagram practitioners suggests that types 6, 7 and 9 are more common in Northern America. These are known as the Loyalist, the Enthusiast and the Peacemaker, respectively.

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On the other end, Type 4, the Individualist seems to be the rarest of the lot and the least liked, but we will get into this later in the article.

Let’s have a look at each one of the most common three to get to know them a little bit better.

The most common Enneagram types 

Loyalists are hardworking and dependable, loving security and commitment. They are good troubleshooters and are dependable and trustworthy. Due to their need for security and support, they can be anxious and stressed.

Balanced 6‘s are relaxed and optimistic and very good friends.

These are the typical busy, fun-loving and impulsive types. Their spontaneous nature makes them the life of the party. They can however lose focus and become scattered in applying their talents, leaving them stressed and exhausted. Their negative traits are impatience and impulsiveness, but a balanced 7 will develop their focus and become joyful, grateful and fulfilled.

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Enneagram type 9 - The Peacemaker

Nine’s are stable, easygoing and agreeable people. Their main aim is to preserve the peace, retain harmony in their surroundings and avoid disturbances. In this, they can simplify problems and diminish their severity in an effort to maintain peace.

When they are balanced, 9’s are true peacemakers, bringing people together through their all-embracing nature.

The less common Enneagram type 

The Enneagram type 4 is more commonly known as the Individualist, particularly because they are driven by a sense of individuality. They are known as the sensitive introspective type and can be expressive, dramatic and self absorbed, with a very strong craving for individuality.

Because they have such a driving urge to be unique, they can be perceived as selfish. They demand that things need to be done their way in their time, purely in an effort to avoid anything mundane or normal. In this quest, they can often discard anything that is perfectly good, simply because it is normal. They will forgo efficiency and effectiveness in their quest for individuality, which can frustrate other types.

On the other hand, 4’s can be emotionally very honest and refreshing and are often very creative. Healthy 4’s realize their shortcomings and can be exceptionally open and honest about these, analyzing themselves from an objective point of view. In this honesty, they can gather strength to withstand hardship that many other types cannot.

Do you have type 6, 7, or 9 friends or maybe even type 4’s? Let us know in the comments below.

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