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What is the most popular Enneagram type?

Although it is not clear that which kind of Enneagram type is the most popular, we will help you narrow down to a few using the information based on Enneagram practitioner’s anecdotal experience. Remember this article does not hold any kind of scientific studies.

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On the basis of anecdotal experience, a few Enneagram practitioners have noticed that the six, seven and nines are among the most common ones.

The Most Popular Enneagram Type:


  • Type 1 (The reformer)

These are respected at best.

  • Type 2 (The helper)

These are fine because everyone likes people who help them.

  • Type 4 (The individualist)

These will do anything to avoid themselves from becoming popular.

  • Type 6 (The Loyalist)

These forestall issues before they occur. They are great at urging individuals to cooperate. Sixes appreciate rules as long as it benefits them. They rapidly become overpowered with dread and nervousness.

  • Type Seven (The Enthusiast)

These like to have a decent time. They have unlimited measures of vitality. They are interested and fun. They will successfully maintain a strategic distance from torment. Seven's fit in well in this day and age due to our fear for torment.

  • Type Nine (The Peacemaker)

These like it when everybody gets along. They are superb at having the option to comprehend various individuals' perspectives and encounters. They take care of business by becoming great mediators. They don’t value themselves frequently. Nine's maintain a strategic distance from the struggle by disregarding personal needs. They maintain a strategic distance from annoyance to the point that they explode.

For what reason do these Enneagram types appear to be the most widely recognized?

Here are a few reasons that may clarify it:

  • The sixes and the sevens come from the assertive ones and both of them appear as components of the head center. Furthermore, these are easier to notice.
  • There are many self-help books that are quite popular and suggest that the world is full of anxiety. Sixes can easily become prone to anxiety and fear. Both anxiety and fear, form a part of the human condition. You can use it to find out the six energy present in the world.
  • With the genuine pace of addictions in our reality, recommends there is a ton of seven vitality. Individuals are taking the necessary steps to maintain a strategic distance from the torment in their lives.
  • Nines are so calm they mix into their environment. It is enticing for nine's to evade strife on the planet by attempting to overlook it. Nines can be imperceptible.
  • With the world inclination to wildness, it is straightforward why the nine have fear of outrage or anger. They see the consequences of individuals' outrage going out of power.
  • In our unsteady world, it is straightforward why there is a great deal of nine vitality on the planet craving to get harmony in numerous individuals' lives.

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