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Which Enneagram Type Believes Most In The Enneagram Model?

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This is quite an interesting question, with an interesting result. To understand this better, it is a good idea to get a basic grip of the nine Enneagram types. A psychotherapy collective, the nine types can briefly be described as: 


  1. The Reformer is conscientious, responsible, improvement-oriented, and self-controlled, but can be critical, resentful, and self-judging.
  2. The Helper is caring, helpful, supportive, and relationship-oriented, but can be prideful, overly intrusive, and demanding.
  3. The Achiever is industrious, fast-paced, goal-focused, and efficiency-oriented, but can be inattentive to feelings, impatient, and image-driven.
  4. The Artist is idealistic, deeply feeling, empathetic, authentic to self, but can be dramatic, moody, and sometimes self-absorbed.
  5. The Thinker is self-sufficiency-seeking, non-demanding, analytic/thoughtful, and unobtrusive, but can be withholding, detached, and overly private.
  6. The Loyalist is themselves trustworthy, inquisitive, good friends, and questioning, but can be overly doubtful, accusatory and fearful.
  7. The Enthusiast is optimistic, upbeat, pleasure and possibility seeking, and adventurous, but can be pain-avoidant, uncommitted, and self-serving.
  8. The Challenger is justice-seeking, direct, strong, and action-oriented, but can be overly impactful, excessive, and impulsive.
  9. The Mediator is harmony-seeking, comfortable, and steady, but can be self-forgetting, conflict-avoidant, and stubborn.


There are a couple of types that are likely to approve and accept the Enneagram model.


From this list we can see that there are a couple of types that are likely to approve and accept the Enneagram model – these would be The Reformer (#1), the Challenger (#8) and the Mediator (#9).


  • Type one’s and eight’s would be attracted to the order and structure of such a system, whereas type  nine’s tend to be believers (in just about anything), including, in most cases, the Enneagram system.


On the other hand, type two’s, or the Helpers, tend to believe in love way more than they would believe in a typographical system. Three’s and fives may not be traditional Enneagram believers as they make their own way through life. Achievers (#3) don’t pay a lot of attention to feelings and the “show” is more important to them than system and order, whereas Thinkers (#5) may see themselves as too intelligent for such a system. 


Artists (#4) tend to be very individualistic and may not like to be categorized or typed, and sixes, or Loyalists are the doubting Thomas's of the Enneagram world. They may end up approving the system, but not without their initial doubts. Finally, number 7, the Enthusiast, tend to be happy-go-lucky, and may go either way on the Enneagram system.


All in all, even though these types are clearly defined, each person, once tested with end up with a major type, and some positive and negative tendencies that links them to two other types. 


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