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Are You an Enneagram Type 3? 5 Key Indicators

The Enneagram Type 3, or The Achiever, is among the most determined and success-driven of the Enneagram Types. Frequently found among celebrities and charismatic personalities, the Type 3 is uniquely assertive and proud.

Are You a Type 3 Achiever? Here are 5 signs that you may be a Type 3. Mind you, most of us can relate a little to every type, but of all of these sound like you it’s likely you’re a Type 3.

You Compare Yourself to Others


While many of us can feel insecure at times, the Type 3 has a hard time toning down their competitive streak. Type 3’s see everything as a threat, or as a challenge, including other’s nuanced behaviors, clothing choices, and career moves.

If you don’t feel truly secure around your peers and always feel the need to compare and then to excel over those around you, this is a sign that you may be a Type 3.

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You Fret Over Appearances More Than Most


This has some tie into competitiveness but is distinct. Do you find yourself worrying frequently about what you’re wearing, how you look, and how you come across? Is looking good an absolute must, and do you get angry or frustrated when you feel you’re not looking your best?

Obsessing over your appearance, and over the impressions you give to others is another sure sign of a Type 3 personality. Looking second best is never an option for you, and you make it a point of personal pride to take exceptional care with your clothes, presentation, ride, and demeanor.

You Set and Stick to Extremely High Goals


Never content with even excellent performance, the Type 3 is extremely hard on himself, and will always push himself to do even better. If you set extremely high, almost impossible-seeming goals for yourself and then beat yourself up if you can’t meet them, you may be a Type 3.

It’s Hard for You to Relax


This extreme focus on success and excellence can get exhausting, and many Type 3’s are workaholics. They fid it difficult to truly relax or unwind, as their every moment is dedicated to perfection, and putting eve more effort into career, success, or fitness goals.

If you push yourself so hard and are so career-driven that relaxation evades you, you may be a Type 3, especially in conjunction with the other traits mentioned above. While success may be important to you, don’t forget to take time out to enjoy life, as well!


Progress Means Everything


For the Type 3, if they’re not growing, they’re failing. Type 3’s tend to want to see personal results, and they want them to be noticeable, measurable, and constant.


If you’re driven by growth, progress, and results, and feel awful when you don’t see them (or don’t see enough of them) this passion for progress and advancement could peg you as a Type 3. If climbing and improving is at the top of your list, whether in your career, health goals, or business plans, this is another strong sign that you’re an Enneagram Type 3.


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