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Famous Faces: Celebrity Enneagram Type Reveals

The men and women who grace the covers of tabloid magazines often have personalities, charisma, and talents which leave many of us amazed, inspired, and impressed. What are these people really like in person, and how have their personalities affected their career path, and their talents?

For those interested in the Enneagram system of personality classification, one may be tempted to try to classify celebrities as being of one type of another. Let’s look at a number of famous men and women and see which qualities they most possess.

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The Reformer


The “Reformer” or “Type 1” Enneagram is often described as being idealistic, bold, principled, and professional. They are prone to being both thoughtful and active, and may be likely to clamor for social or political change in a measured and reasonable manner. Many celebrities develop a passion for social justice, or for some kind of cause, and use their fame and renown to make statements, draw attention to issues, and pontificate on various topics. Meryl Streep and Leonardo DiCaprio may well be described as falling into this category. They are bold, principled, and yet are stable and professional. They are prone to be dedicated to causes, yet not prone to emotionalism.


The Achiever


The “Achiever” or “Type 3” Enneagram can be described as driven, motivated to succeed materially, and very focused on self-image. Often sharp dressers with a keen eye on how the public perceives them, many businessmen and entertainers can be said to fall into this category. Doubtless being a celebrity can cause a keen interest in public impressions, outward appearances, and a focus on success and acquisition. Tom Cruise, Justin Timberlake, and Taylor Swift can all be characterized as having some of these qualities.


The Investigator


The “Investigator” or “Type 5” Enneagram can be described as an intellectual, with retiring and secretive tendencies, who likes his or her peace and quiet, and prefers solitude and personal creative pursuits to parties, or fame. Many artists are quite introverted and creative in this way, and thus we can see this Enneagram type in many famous musicians and performers. They’re bright and creative, but would rather stay away from photographers, and interviewers. Tim Burton, Jodie Foster, and Kurt Cobain could all be described as being “Investigator” types; creative and brilliant, yet private, and shy.


The Peacemaker


The “Peacemaker” or “Type 9” Enneagram can be described as a humble, people-pleasing, agreeable person, who prefers to help people and build bridges rather than seek out enemies or rivals.  Often stable and quiet, but friendly and approachable, the “Peacemaker” often stands out as a voice of wisdom, moderation, and good sense in a field of celebrity posturing, virtue signaling, or outrage. Morgan Freeman, Denzel Washington, and John Goodman can all be described as examples of this personality type. They are professional yet kind, stable, humble, and are able to bridge gaps. They are often spiritually minded, thoughtful, and eager to use what they’ve learned to help others navigate life, survive the cut-throat world of Hollywood, and make it out with their decency intact.


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