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Beware of These 5 Harmful Personality Traits

Toxic personality traits are something that are important to find within yourself and other people. If you find that you have some toxic personality traits, you can take this information to see how to improve yourself. If you find these toxic traits in other people, you can learn the type of people you can avoid in your life. In both scenarios, learning how to identify toxic personality traits can be important to leading a happier life. By reading on, you can learn more about the biggest toxic personality traits that you need to be aware of.


1. Manipulative


Asking a question doesn’t necessarily make you manipulative. If you are asking a question without having any ulterior motives, there’s no manipulative intent. A manipulative person does ask questions with some motive, potentially setting a trap based on your answers. Their ultimate goal is to get someone to do what they want them to do. It doesn’t matter what the other person wants; only what they want.

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2. Spends More Time Taking than Giving


Do you have a friend that agrees to take you some place, but then decides to complain the entire time? The goal is to make you feel bad so that they end up with something in return. Maybe you buy them a gift card as a “thank you” or an apology for any inconvenience that the favor caused you. When this regularly happens, you can realize that you are spending time with a toxic, selfish person that is not adding joy to your life.

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3. Lacks Sincerity in Apologies


Maybe you were waiting for an apology from someone and ended up having to apologize instead. Or maybe you find yourself in a position where someone is apologising to you, but they lack any sincerity in their apology. This lack of sincerity when it comes to apologies can be a major red flag for a toxic personality trait that you don’t need in your life.


4. They Never Listen


A good relationship requires both parties to listen to each other. Toxic people have no interest in listening to other people. They are not only uninterested in listening to you, but they will also find a way to turn the conversation into something about themselves. They don’t care about something if it doesn’t involve them somehow.

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5. They Always Seem to Make You Feel Bad


If you feel worse when you hang out with someone, then they are a toxic person that you are better off without. No one should make you feel worse consistently after you spend time with them. This can wear you down if you continue to tolerate this behaviour around you.



Understanding these red flags can help you acknowledge toxicity and learn how to avoid it. Toxic people are going to bring you down, but your own toxic traits can also bring you down. Identify these toxic traits and use this information to help make your life better.


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