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Can You Be More Than One Enneagram Type?

Essentially, it is a way of describing and imagining different categories of human personality. One is meant to fall into one of nine categories, determined by one’s temperament, motivations, passions, and interests.

For example, one might be characterized as being a “Reformer”, “Helper”, “Enthusiast”, or “Peacemaker”, depending on one’s main interests and personal motivators. People interested in this system of personality classification may ask “can a person belong to more than one Enneagram Type?” The answer is a resounding “yes”.


Humans are Complicated


Humans are composed of a variety of endlessly interesting, complicated, and nuanced interior and exterior factors, motivators, and aspects. We can have multiple things be true of us at once. For example, a man may be a talented orator who is admired by many for his humble stage presence and beautiful speaking abilities, but in private, he may be prone to yelling at his wife. This man, like all of us, is complicated, and has different aspects to his nature.

We can not truly be classified as being one thing 100% of the time in regards to our personalities. We may be in turns helpful, dominating, agreeable, or isolated, depending on what kind of a situation we are facing, or how we feel at that moment. While a person may generally be describable as belonging to certain Enneagram personality type, we humans are emotionally complex, and may fit into a variety of categories.

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Humans Change


Something else that is worth acknowledging is that the human personality can change over time. A man who was brash and rude as a youth may mellow out later in life, and become agreeable, and humble. A woman who is reserved and isolated as a girl may mature into a socially vibrant and enterprising adult through a combination of working on her own personality, and positive life experiences.

You see, people can change quite a lot from year to year, or even day to day. While we may generally be describable as one of the nine Enneagram types, our likes and dislikes and how we handle the world can and often do evolve. So, while one may be characterized as an “Individualist” while in college, by middle age one may well have developed into a “Peacemaker”.


One System of Many


It is also important to note that while the Enneagram is one way of understanding the human personality, there are others. The Meyers-Briggs system or 16 personalities test and approaches that categorize one as being an “extrovert” or an “introvert” are also popular, and meaningful to many. There many ways of categorizing and seeking to better understand the human mind, soul, and nature. You can definitely fall into multiple Enneagram personality types, as well as being an introvert who senses and judges. For some, putting their nature into a box may help them better understand themselves, but for others, this approach may become stifling or obsessive. Perhaps best way to approach the Enneagram is as a specific type of self-classification which can help some people, but which should not be taken as the final word on your nature or personality.

The Enneagram can be used alongside other ways of describing or understanding human nature. Above all, it is ok to change, it is ok to be different things, and it is ok to be Helpful, Peaceable, and Investigative all at once.


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