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Enneagram Personality Test, Which Type Are You?

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The Enneagram is a basic personality test that can tell you what type of a personality you have. It is derived from two Greek words, ennéa which means “nine” and grámma which means “something drawn” - this is a model of the human psychology and it is commonly depicted as a typology of nine interconnected personality types. The Enneagram personality testwill give you your basic personality type - your so called dominant personality type. This personality type acts as the building block, bringing us to where we are in our lives today. In this article, we will briefly look at the personality types that this test can detect.


Here are 9 enneagram personality test type:


1. The reformer

These are perfectionistic people who live by principles. They are calm, collected and controlled. Even though they get angry, they are not one to show it out through emotional outbursts. They always try to do the right thing, but can get pretty hard on themselves when they fail.

2. The Helper

These are helping people, who think of other’s needs before their own. They are people pleasers. They need the love and appreciation of people, and this becomes a weak point. They put a lot of work into their relationships, and they work so hard that they pretty much forget about their own needs.

3. The Achiever

These people are driven. They need success at any cost. They are very hard working people, but they can be a bit competitive. They communicate well, and they learn from experiences. They would step over a few people easily in their ambition and drive to succeed.

4. The Individualist

These people are very dramatic and temperamental. They are driven by their moods and emotions , rarely listening to the rational side of their mind. They are very sensitive people and always focused on things that they do not have at the moment, rather than the things that they do have. But they are very creative minds and they can sense beauty in uncommon places.

5. The Investigator

These people are intense people, and thrive on innovation. They don’t move around with everyone, and keep to themselves. They don’t trust a lot of people and they really like keeping to themselves.

6. The Loyalist

These people are committed to the cause and are prepared for a wide variety of situations. They are trustworthy people. The downside? They get suspicious very easily, and they can allow themselves to get caught up in worry and doubt.

7. The Enthusiast

People with this personality type are extroverts, and have no problems mingling with people and making new friends. They are very social and likeable people. Sometimes they can be reckless, and can get distracted with temporal benefits losing the big picture.

8. The Challenger

These people are extremely confident and have a bold outlook on life. They are not shaken by problems. They can be extremely dominating and can exert control on everything and everyone that is in contact with them.

9. The Peacemaker

This personality type is the opposite of the challenger. They are peaceable, always looking to make amends, and they avoid conflict at all costs. They can sometimes be seen as being stubborn and unwilling to move forward in their lives.

So which type are you? Take the test and find out today. 😉

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