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Enneagram Type 7 Relationships: What to Expect

Enneagram Type 7, or The Enthusiast, is a thrill-seeking, excitement and purpose junkie. They’re endlessly interested in the world around them, and actively seek out new and exciting experiences through travel, learning, exploration, and active adventures.

These are the people who take up mountain biking, rock climbing, spelunking, and who attach Go-Pros to their head as they leap off a mountain top in a wingsuit.


So what would a relationship with someone like this look like? What are some things to keep in mind as you seek to make them happy, and keep yourself happy, too?


Make Sure You Have Tons of Energy


Being in a relationship with a Type 7 is going to take a lot of energy. Not just physical stamina (though you’ll need plenty of that, too), but also emotional fortitude and courage to handle the many exciting, possibly terrifying new experiences they’ll want to share with you.

Tomorrow you’ll be hiking in the Adirondacks, and next weekend you’ll be learning how to Parkour with a 19-year-old instructor she just met on Reddit. Exciting!

Stay healthy, stay fit, and learn to enjoy the ride, because your time spent with this person is going to be a very thrilling, fun, high-intensity adventure. 


Bulb Lighting the Room

Let Them Lead, and Help Them Discover


The Type 7 has a ton of interests, and those interests may shift from month to month or year to year as they take on new interests or discover some fun hobby they didn’t know existed. This will make it necessary to take a bit of a backseat when it comes to planning fun, and learning to go with the flow.

That doesn’t mean that your hobbies and interests need to die a quick and sad death, though. You can learn to balance out your partner’s enthusiasm with your own interests, and even use your hobbies to help them discover something new and interesting. While you let them lead, you can also interject your own interests, and find activities that are meaningful for both of you.


Take Time Out for Yourself, Too


Just because your new life-buddy enjoys non-stop excitement doesn’t require you to join in every single activity. This will be especially difficult if your nature is such that you find it necessary to recharge from time to time, solo.


Jump Over Enneagram


It’s ok and perfectly healthy to gently say “no, thanks” to some of your partner’s activities so that you can recharge physically and mentally. Taking time out for yourself is vital for your own mental health, and for the health of the relationship. When you’ve recharged, you can re-join your partner for the next adventure, and keep the both of you happy.




The best way to bond with this person is going to be sharing these exciting, meaningful experiences with them in a way that’s healthy for you, too. Bring a camera, bring a cell phone, bring a Go-Pro, and get ready to make memories.

Take time out for yourself but be ready to be there for your partner as they experience new things, and make you a part of their world. It’ll take a lot of energy, but for the right person, it’ll be a meaningful and thrilling partnership.

As you guys find ways to bond and have fun over respective and joint interests, you’ll learn from one another, and begin to appreciate what motivates and inspires the other person. Their energy and your own will temper and encourage one another and life will be more fulfilling when it’s balanced and thrilling at the same time, and in turns.


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