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Enhancing Team Dynamics with the Enneagram

Enneagram isn’t just useful for an individual to help them improve their lives; it’s also useful for businesses to operate more efficiently. You can take the information about enneagrams to create more efficient teams, which can be very helpful to ensuring that your teams are productive and can get the job done well. This article will take a closer look at how you can use enneagram to build better teams, which can only improve your business.


Don’t “Type” People


It’s easy as a manager to look at someone and just decide their type based on your experience with them and what you observe when you see them work. This is because the enneagram is all about what’s at the surface of the person and their motivations. By typing someone without using enneagram, you can mistype them, which can hinder the process that you are trying to do when building your team. By allowing them to go through the process themselves, you can learn so much more about them to help you better build your team.


Remember Enneagram Isn’t About Pigeonholing Someone


The enneagram isn’t a permanent thing. As people work to improve themselves, they will become more flexible and balanced. You don’t want to use the enneagram number as a way to tell a person who they are and limiting them based on that. You may dismiss a concern that you have as “well that’s just because they are personality type”. They are not merely a stereotype of their number; they are individuals who are not beholden to what their number is.


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Using Enneagram as a Learning Tool


It’s hard to see things through any other lens but your own. But the good news with enneagram is that this gives you that opportunity to understand others. You can learn more about the individuals on your team, which can be helpful to you as you build teams and learn how to make use of your team members. This means that you can make more effective teams for various projects, allowing members to work to their strengths.


Use the Enneagram to Develop Teams


Because you are taking the time to understand the individual team members, you are showing them that you care. This helps you build trust and influence with them. But this also helps because by knowing their enneagram, you are better able to know their fears and motivations. This gives you valuable insight into how you can effectively encourage and coach them, so that the entire team can move towards your business’ goals. Knowing the enneagram types of your team can help you be more sensitive to who they are and what you can do to help them succeed.


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Knowing the enneagram types of yourself and your employees can be highly useful in developing effective teams. However, it’s important that you know how to effectively use enneagram to make sure that your teams complete the tasks that they have been assigned. Once you learn how to use enneagram to your advantage, you will notice that your teams are more productive and efficient.


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