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How True Are Personality Tests Like Enneagram?

enneagram test enneagram type studying enneagram take the test what is my type May 03, 2021

Personality tests have become very common to find and take to identify what type of personality they have. It is something scientific and general websites have put up for people can to try out. Which questions the legitimacy of the test. The thing with such test designed as science, it really is more like a magic 8-ball. Where the results are random and really difficult to accurately measure. Companies even add in these tests to job applications as a measure if a candidate will fit correctly and to identify if they are a leader or are proactive in getting the job done. There are several personality tests people look at to measure themselves.

As an example, look at the Enneagram test.

This model of what the human psyche is to an individual, is a typology of nine different personality types. Also the origins of the Enneagram model is of dispute, but the contemporary theories are sourced from two people: Oscar Ichazo and Claudio Naranjo. The Enneagram they defined feature nine personality types represented by points on a geometric figure. That provide connections between each type. Furthermore it is a circle with nine points along the surface with the number nine at the top and lines connecting each other. Three, Six, and Nine form an equilateral triangle; the other six points connected create an irregular hexagram.

These are the meanings for the following numbers. One is being principled, purposeful, and perfectionistic. While two is being generous, demonstrative, and pleasing. In contrast three is being able to adapt, excelling, and being image conscious. Four is being expressive, dramatic, and temperamental. While five is being able to perceive, innovative, and be secretive. Six is being engaging, responsible, and suspicious. But seven is being spontaneous and versatile. Eight is being self-confident, decisive, and confrontational. While nine is being receptive, reassuring, and resigned. These descriptions of each number are just highlights rather than the entire description of each number.

What make the Enneagram test unique is, unlike other personality tests, their focus areas are mostly on the relationship between the type of number.

Each type described lists a person’s ego fixation, basic ideals, fears, desires, temptations, vices, and virtues. But the most famous personality test is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, which is based on theories by Carl Jung. This study the four dimensions of one’s personality to see if they are introverted or extroverted. If they sense or have intuition, think over feel, and judge rather than perceive. While the questions seem simple and easy to describe, professionals say it is highly flawed. And words its questions poorly that people can give different answers every day to the same question.

In conclusion the problem with personality tests is that all of these questions, even worked on by professionals, always have a downside to them. The scales and measurements are always apart because a person can get something contradictory or falsely about themselves. Try a different test and there will be different results. Not one test is alike and can throw off everything.

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